Fuqua Facts

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Launched Master of Management Studies: Duke Kunshan University (MMS: DKU) program.
2010 February 5: New Center for Financial Excellence established.
January 21: Broke ground in Kunshan, China, to establish Duke campus.
2009 September 7: Launched Master of Management Studies: Foundations of Business (MMS: FOB) program.
April 28: Launched our presence in UAE under the patronage of His Highness, Sheikh Mohammed, Ruler of Dubai.
2008 October 13: Launched our presence in New Delhi, India.
September 15: Launched our partnership with the Graduate School of Management in St. Petersburg, Russia.
2006 Corporate Sustainability Initiative (CSI) founded.
2004 The Fuqua/Coach K Center of Leadership & Ethics (COLE) founded.
2002 Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) founded.
2000 Duke Corporate Education and Cross Continent MBA program launched.
1996 Global Executive MBA program launched.
1990 J.B. Fuqua and Dean Tom Keller sign agreements in Russia for Soviet managers to be trained in business fundamentals at Fuqua.
1989 R. David Thomas Executive Conference Center opens on campus.
1984 Weekend Executive MBA program launched.
1980 The school is named in honor of J.B. Fuqua with his $10 million gift to the school.
1974 Board of Visitors formed.
1969 Duke charters the Graduate School of Business Administration.
1924 Duke University established.

Chaired Faculty

Dan Ariely
Robert H. Ashton
Ravi Bansal                                           
James R. Bettman                
Bill Boulding                                         
Michael Bradley                  
Douglas T. Breeden                            
Wesley M. Cohen                               
Jennifer Francis                   
A. Ronald Gallant                 
John Graham                                        
Campbell R. Harvey                            
David Hsieh                                          
Joel Huber                                            
Wagner Kamakura                              
Tracy R. Lewis                      
E. Allan Lind                                         
Mary Frances Luce                             
Carl Mela                                              
William Mitchell                  
Christine Moorman                            
John W. Payne                     
Manju Puri                                           
Katherine Schipper                            
James Smith                                                         
Richard Staelin                    
S. Viswanathan                     
Robert L. Winkler                               
Paul H. Zipkin        


  • Number of Fuqua alumni: 19,000
  • Living outside the United States: 12%
  • Average age: 44
  • Percentage female: 27%

Where alumni live:


Top U.S. regions

Top non-U.S. countries

NC Research Triangle Japan
New York China
Washington DC Republic of Korea
Atlanta Germany
Charlotte United Kingdom
San Francisco India
Boston Russia
Chicago Thailand
Philadelphia Singapore
Los Angeles Canada

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