Bill Boulding

Dean William Boulding

William Boulding is the Dean and J.B. Fuqua Professor of Business Administration at Fuqua School of Business, Duke University. The administration carries out the strategic priorities defined by the Board of Visitors and pursues the goals articulated by Dean Bill Boulding.

 Breeden Hall of Fuqua in the spring

Board of Visitors

Fuqua has a Board of Visitors that advises the school on all matters related to curriculum, programs, facilities, and operations while continuing to promote better communication and relationships within the business community.

J.B. Fuqua 

J.B. Fuqua

The Fuqua School of Business is named for J.B. Fuqua, born in 1918 and raised by his grandparents on a tobacco farm in Prince Edward County, Virginia. Fuqua began his relationship with Duke University as a teenage student, when he borrowed books by mail from the Duke library.