DECISION 617 - Information Management

Course Description

Information Management introduces students to a set of powerful PC-based business software tools they can use to organize and manage large quantities of data, analyze the data, and present information gleaned from the data creatively and effectively. By working through a series of practical projects with advanced features of Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software, students learn first-hand how these tools can be used to work with data insightfully and effectively in a rapidly changing business environment.

The course this year will focus on the Windows 2013 version of Excel. Special attention will be paid to the remarkable Data Model and Power Pivot features that are part of this latest version.

There are no prerequisites for this course other than an intermediate level of skill with spreadsheet software. A student's grade is based on his or her performance on a set of assignments and quizzes. There is no mid-term or final exam in this course. Classroom attendance, while highly recommended, is optional. All course materials  are online.