ENRGYENV 898 - Sustainable Business Strategy

Course Description

Businesses are increasingly using strategic management concepts and tools to incorporate environmental and social considerations into their decision-making and operations. While some businesses incorporate sustainable practices for ethical reasons, most businesses are motivated to do so to reduce business risks and costs, capture new market opportunities, address stakeholder pressures, or gain long-term competitive advantage.

This course will examine how businesses assess their risks and opportunities, and how they develop and implement strategies to promote environmental and social sustainability. We will compare and contrast sustainability-related challenges in different industries and geographies, and assess how these differences affect corporate strategy and practice.  We will also evaluate the tools and capabilities that firms need to address sustainability issues, and how they organize this work inside their organizations.  This course will explore the nature of sustainability challenges, and introduce tools used to develop and implement sustainable practices.  Toward that end, classes will combine analysis of case studies, lectures, guest speakers, and interactive activities.