ENRGYENV 898H - Leading EDGE Seminar Series (Fall)

Course Description

In this seminar series, participating students will have a unique opportunity to investigate today’s most important Energy & Environment trends and opportunities through in-depth interaction with thought leaders and senior executives.  Seminars will include a mix of lecture, Q&A, and interactive activities.  Students will be required to complete pre-reading assignments, host speakers, write responses to seminars, and complete a final paper.  The seminars will meet in eight Wednesday sessions over Fall Term 1 and 2 (note: not every week).  Invited speakers include: Randall Ledford, CTO, Emerson Electric; Mike Cox, Senior Manager and Recruiter, Schlumberger; Terry Yosie, President & CEO, World Environment Center; Robert Latoff, Director and Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company; Pedro Santos, Founder & CEO, OsComp Systems; Miranda Ballentine, Director, Sustainability, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Facilities, Wal-Mart.