FINANCE 645 - Global Financial Management

Course Description

This course provides an introduction to fundamental concepts in finance.  The main objective is to develop a set of tools for analyzing the investment and financing decisions of individuals and firms.  The course’s topics form the foundation for subsequent courses in corporate finance, corporate valuation, investments, and financial derivatives.  More specifically, the course is organized around three main concepts.

While the course does not concentrate exclusively on theory, the basic theoretical underpinnings of the various topics will be formally discussed as they are necessary for competent financial analysis.  The course emphasizes the development of problem-solving skills based on a good understanding of general principles that can accommodate the constantly evolving nature of the business environment.  Because of the practical importance of the material and as an illustration of the relevant theory, several examples and applications will be discussed throughout the course.

Course Textbook

Berk, Jonathan, and Peter DeMarzo, Corporate Finance, 3rd edition, Pearson: Boston.