FINANCE 658/LAW 324 - Corporate Restructuring

Course Description

This interdisciplinary course is built around several important themes that are part of almost every corporate restructuring: Valuation, Governance, the Law, and associated Strategic considerations. The first half of the course establishes a framework and tools to consider healthy company valuation and restructuring; the second half emphasizes distressed restructuring and reorganization. The course prepares professionals in business and law to assess a wide variety of situations, including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, sales, leveraged buyouts, activist investors, bankruptcies, liquidations, reorganizations (both healthy and distressed), and in-court and out-of-court negotiation.

We explore key legal themes but the focus of the class is on business considerations. Early on we briefly review techniques and principles used to evaluate financial transactions. Corporate and employee-level governance are both highlighted, including potential conflicts of interest. High-level strategic considerations are examined throughout, as are current topical events and recent transactions.

This is an important course for anyone heading towards a finance-related career; a consulting career that involves finance, restructuring, operational or financial diligence, or integration; legal careers related to financial transactions; and anyone interested in a capstone finance course.

The course is ideal for finance-focused first years, as well as second year Fuqua students who have taken Corporate Finance 646 as a pre-requisite or explicitly received a pre-req waiver from the instructor. For law students, it is recommended to have taken classes in corporate finance and business associations.

CORPORATE FINANCE 646 (or explicit permission of the instructor).