FINANCE 663 - International Finance

Course Description

International Finance will share a corporate finance and investment perspective. Topics include: identifying and measuring risk, calculating the international cost of capital, hedging, country risk analysis, imbalances and opportunities in emerging markets, detecting deception, fiat FX-commodity currencies-cryptocurrencies, lessons from the history of global crises, measuring economic fundamental, implications of income inequality for country investment, luck vs. skill in corporate and investment management. Finance 663 counts towards both the corporate finance and the capital markets finance concentrations. Students have a choice of two tracks in the course (corporate or capital markets) and these tracks have different final projects and exams. The prerequisites are Corporate Finance and Investment.

Professor Harvey also serves as Investment Strategy Advisor to the Man Group, PLC, the second largest hedge fund group in the world, where he advises them in both the areas of corporate finance and investment management.

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