HLTHMGMT 711 - Economics and Strategy of Health Sector Management

Course Description

We will apply the tools of economics and strategy to address the challenges and opportunities of today's health care managers and policy makers. We will begin most classes with analysis of recent news, then discuss a case, and conclude with additional insight on the application of economics and strategy.

We will examine strategies relevant for insurers, providers, hospitals, and manufacturers. First, we will discuss insurance, including i) opportunities in private provision of government managed care, ii) consumer-directed care, iii) the implications of moral hazard and adverse selection, and iv) measuring cost-effectiveness. Second, we will discuss providers, including i) new competition from specialty hospitals, retail clinics, and medical tourism and ii) differences between for-profit and non-profit hospitals. Third, we will discuss manufacturers, including i) the costs of R&D and government incentives for R&D, ii) demand responsiveness to advertising and patient prices, and iii) generic competition.

We highly recommend taking the course in the first year of the MBA program.

We welcome participation from students outside the Health Sector Management program. Please note, however, that those who are new to the health sector will probably need to spend more time on the readings and will need to ask for clarification of some acronyms and terms. We are happy to make these clarifications.

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