HLTHMGMT 711 - Health Care Markets

Course Description

The class brings together people with deep knowledge of payers, providers, and manufacturers, as well as people who are studying the health sector for the first time. A key component of the class is case discussion that engages the experts in the room, but also involves people who are new to the sector but have prepared well for class.

While we aim for broad coverage of health care, we pay special attention to payers. Payers are of interest throughout the health sector because providers and manufacturers typically want to be paid.

In the first week of class, we will discuss health insurance, including changes in the way that people pay for health insurance, as well as changes in the way insurers pay providers and manufacturers. In the second week, we will discuss how value is measured and rewarded in the health sector. In the third week, we will talk about medical decision making. In the fourth week, we will examine manufacturers of life science products and how they compete. In the fifth week, we will look at how hospitals are changing. In the final week, we will discuss disruption in health care, including medical tourism, retail clinics, biosimilars, and health information technology.