HLTHMGMT 712 - Medical Device Commercialization

Course Description

This course is for students aspiring to become business leaders of innovative medical products (emphasis on medical devices), services and technologies. It is also for the Entrepreneurs that have valuable intellectual property who wish to create the companies of tomorrow, and allow the varied skill sets of diverse students to accomplish this. The core theme is around the market model and assessment of market need, which is the centerpiece of a company product plan and agenda to forge its place in device history.

Educational Objectives

Medical Device and technologies is seeing a boom period of growth due to surging innovation, from start-ups to very large corporations, in spite of a down market and economy. The viewpoint of this course is that innovation is a new leadership challenge. This challenge can only be faced with skills and a solid understanding in the problems of finance, organization, understanding markets, appeasing difficult and complex customer needs, to be able to lead technology and create new companies in this highly dynamic yet regulated environment of Medical Device.

The course is focused on defining and then engineering to the customer need, central to the market model. The other accompanying theme is the management of innovation to create and then sustain a defined franchise. The cases are sequenced to help students first build a strategic perspective on the medical problem being addressed, and then explore how to implement solutions to the challenges of bringing the well designed medical device innovation to market. The hurdles are high because of complex and intricate relationships of regulatory and clinical bodies that the student will come to understand, requires several layers of strategy to ultimately guide the device to market.


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