HLTHMGMT 715 - Healthcare Marketing

Course Description

This course seeks to leverage and enrich knowledge from the marketing core (and related courses) by addressing how standard marketing techniques do, and do not, apply within the health sector.  This course follows the “3 Cs and 4 Ps” organization from the marketing core. 

Within the health sector, the external environment poses several important constraints and challenges.  This course will focus on the environmental factors, and the managerial implications of these factors, that are shared across various subfields within the health sector.  The course will also examine the complexities of product choice decisions by patients and other “customers” and their implications.  We will do so by reviewing existing applied work within the topic area of healthcare marketing but also by leveraging students’ experiences in this sector.   The course will use lectures and case studies as pedagogical tools. 

Students interested in healthcare sector and healthcare consulting will benefit from the course.