Courageous and Consequential Leadership in Action

C-LEAD 2 is a high-impact educational, training and developmental experience intended to enhance student growth as leaders of courage and consequence, and re-energize their developmental journey for the final year of the Fuqua transformational experience.  It is a 2-hour core course in the MBA program, a Fuqua graduation requirement, conducted for 3.5 days the week prior to the beginning of the Fall academic term.

C-LEAD 2 focuses student behavior in three areas:

1. Personal Leadership - Projecting your personal philosophy, beliefs and values in an authentic way that allows others to know who you are and what you stand for. This implies the courage to be authentic and act constructively on your own point of view even when others might not agree, fostering the courage in getting it right, and not just getting along.  

2. Collaborative/Team Leadership – Continuing your understanding how to effectively leverage your own (and others’) leadership style, strengths, and weaknesses in building effective relationships, and leveraging context in clarifying who we are and what we stand for to maximize collective efficacy and team effectiveness. This implies learning to convey an understanding and respect for those whose style, strengths, and weaknesses differ from your own, and the courage to get along and get it right.

3. Institutional/Community Leadership – Having courage in accepting the mantle of responsibility for an organization, group or community [like Fuqua] with which you are associated. This implies feeling a personal sense of stewardship, modeling ethics and balance, as well as accepting personal responsibility for fostering in others that same sense of stewardship; the essence of getting it right.

C-LEAD 2 is intended to:

C-LEAD 2 is built around several core learning and developmental experiences designed to achieve the following student learning outcomes:  

  1. Enhance student’s journey of self-awareness begun in C-LEAD 1/LEO/GIE/MGTCOM, and the first year curriculum, by applying this increased self-awareness in improving student’s development journey as a leader of consequence.
  1. Challenge student thinking on issues critical to their personal and collective leadership development as leaders of consequence including courage, trust, community, inclusion and multicultural awareness, by applying new learning and understanding to the student’s own development and the development of the Fuqua learning community.
  1. Demonstrate the importance of courageous leadership at Fuqua and in the world of business, and inspire a commitment by Fuqua students and the Fuqua community to more courageous behavior.
  1. Apply a new understanding of ethics in building and sustaining ethical organizational cultures to your Fuqua developmental experience.