MANAGEMT 730 - Leadership, Ethics and Organizations

Course Description

The reality of business life is that no person is an island—smart quantitative analysis without the support of employees, colleagues, or supervisors goes nowhere. To succeed in your career and to improve the performance of your company requires working with others effectively.  The goal of LEO, therefore, is to prepare you to be an effective leader and manager of others regardless of your career path and to be a good analyst of how best to organize people.

The course will accomplish these goals by focusing on two broad sets of questions.  First, what principles can you draw on to analyze and improve performance in organizations?  We will examine principles for designing incentive systems, motivating employees, running effective teams, making good decisions, harnessing diversity, and organizing the distribution of work.  The second set of questions concerns what you need to do as an individual to be an effective leader.  What can you contribute to your firm and why should others respect and listen to you?  We will challenge you to reflect on your own personal strengths and weaknesses and to develop specific strategies for making a difference in the organizations to which you’ll belong.

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