MANAGEMT 744 - Managerial Decision Making

Course Overview

No matter their industry, domain, or title, all managers have one critical function in common:  They must make decisions and they must work with others to assure that good decisions are made throughout their organization.  Good decision making can be exceedingly difficult when time and resources are scarce, when information is inexact and there may be too much or too little of it, when there are conflicting goals and agendas, and when decisions require the coordination and cooperation of multiple people.  That’s most of the time in most businesses.  Fortunately, decision makers can now benefit from a large body of relevant studies in management, psychology, and other fields.  The concepts and tools derived from these studies can increase your ability to make more accurate judgments and better decisions under the complex, imperfect conditions in which all managers work.

In this course, we explore some of the most important decision-making issues managers face.  We discuss how people make decisions and what you can do to make better decisions.  Topics include:

Course Format
Class discussions are central to this course, including discussions of written and video cases.  In-class exercises give you practice in applying the decision making tools and concepts you learn from readings, lecture presentations, and class discussions.  Grades are based on attendance, quality of participation, and approximately three short, written assignments at different points in the course.