MANAGEMT 747 - Leadership

Required Course Materials:

Course Description and Philosophy

The course is designed to enhance your capability as an effective change agent in organizations.  It draws upon several conceptual tools applied to a wide variety of organizational contexts.  These include the competing values perspective on leadership and change, the multidimensional nature of organizational effectiveness, and the role of trust and culture as inimitable sources of competitive advantage for both leaders and organizations.

A particular emphasis of this course will be on how you as a leader can design and implement effective organizational change, change that will have a lasting impact on the performance of your organization.  The term “organization” will be used broadly in this course, and may refer to a project, a team, a group, a department, a committee, a taskforce, a virtual organization, a division – there are many names and different types of organizations.

We will be examining how the following phenomena individually and collectively influence the design and implementation of organizational change efforts:

Several methods will be used to introduce and expand on the tools and principles, including case studies, short films, and visits by senior executives.  These will serve as the impetus for critical, candid dialogue among the instructor and course participants.  You will then apply these tools and principles in assignments designed to assess the personal and organizational challenges and opportunities present in implementing large-scale organizational change.