MANAGEMT 754 - Mentored Study in Entrepreneurship

Course Overview

The course is designed for students who wish to experience an entrepreneurial career path (whether or not they plan to be involved with such a venture in the near future) and who are willing to invest the effort required for such an experience. Participating students are placed into part-time internships during the school year with local entrepreneurial start-up and early stage companies, non-profit organizations, real estate developers, venture capital firms, and other entrepreneurial ventures. There are no exams. Grades will depend on (1) evaluations of student work by the participating organizations and (2) the quality of the experience as evidence by written reports generated by each student. The time commitment is intended to be the equivalent of a normal one term course, but is spread over two terms to provide sufficient continuity to benefit both the student and the participating organization.

Mentored study program with entrepreneurial firms - It is expected that students will have a general management experience in a high growth environment. All participating companies are asked to assign a senior company official as a mentor to each student and to provide each student with as broad and multifunctional an exposure to their business as possible. Typically, projects might include involvement in some or all of the following: preparing a business plan and/or financial projections, raising venture capital and other sources of financing, identifying and evaluating corporate partnering and licensing opportunities, evaluating competitors, and developing marketing strategies.

Mentored study program with venture capital, private equity, and asset management firms - Placements in these organizations are handled through a process that culminates with “Match Days” held each November.  There are a limited number of local firms and typically large student interest.  Intern responsibilities usually include screening potential investment opportunities and conducting due diligence (researching markets, intellectual property positions, and competitors). Students also may be requested to conduct special research projects on topics that may be of interest as potential areas for future investment.

It is not possible to register for this course until an internship placement has been arranged and is approved by the student, mentor organization, and program administrator.

The course site is located in Sakai: access the site, go to My Workspace and click Membership. From there choose 'joinable' sites, search for MANAGEMT 754, then click Join.

Downloadable detailed course description:

Management 754 Course Description (PDF)

Management 754 Language Proficiency Information