MANAGEMT 898 - Advanced Seminar in Social Entrepreneurship

Course Description

This course extends and deepens understanding of Social Entrepreneurship by examining the role of entrepreneurial profit and not for profit organizations in advancing social change through financial resources, whether private donors, foundations and endowments and/or traditional capital providers.

As a seminar, smaller in size than survey courses, there will be robust discussion of issues presented.  We will read few traditional case studies. We will rely heavily on issues facing organizations in formation or currently in operation and recent writings on this growing field.

We will explore social problems that can be ameliorated or solved through social sector finance involving donors, government subsidy and/or private capital in activities we will broadly defined as “social entrepreneurship”.  We will explore the potential/limits of the traditional capital markets, governments and donors as vehicles for social change.

While pursuing general approaches to the creation, financing, management and governance of organizations dedicated to improving society by capital deployment, we will also focus our inquiries into development of small scale energy sources in Africa, global vision impairment solutions for the poor and disadvantaged, the development of agricultural supply chains in Africa and job creation in underserved communities in the United States.

This course is does not replace Professor Cathy Clark’s “Impact Investing” course. It stands on its own as a course to dig deeply into entrepreneurial solutions to poverty, disease and other social problems.  This course is applicable to those intending to pursue careers in Developed or Developing World Social Entrepreneurship. This course is relevant for students interested in entrepreneurship in the developed and developing world, for students entering consulting and marketing fields and for students of finance interested in financial solutions for the poor and underserved.

Instructor:  John Buley, Consulting Professor of Finance and Advisory Committee Chair of CASE Impact Investing Initiative

Class Website: Will be provided

Course Prerequisite:  Management 426, Social Entrepreneurship or permission of the Instructor