MANAGEMT 898 - Seminar in Advanced Social Entrepreneurship

Course Description

This seminar course builds on principles introduced in Social Entrepreneurship as well as traditional finance, marketing and strategy courses already taken by students.  We use four specific recent social venture capital transactions, seeking to understand both the financial and the social challenges faced by entrepreneurs using private sector, public sector or mixed capital.  We discuss the strategy, motivation, marketing, financing and investing and exit of social venture capital through the eyes of the financiers, entrepreneurs and employees. There is limited utilization of traditional case studies and more in depth reading of academic and practitioner materials, term sheets and internal memoranda used in making decisions whether to start, invest in, or work for a for profit enterprise with social goals.  We conclude with a discussion of the role of the social entrepreneur in society and the parallels between the social venture and the traditional venture. As this is a seminar,  class size is limited to 20 students.