MARKETNG 799 - Product Management

Course Description

Product and brand management are at the heart of many organizations' survival. Brand and product managers "run" a small business and, as such, have profit and loss responsibility for brands. Yet few courses in the curriculum are intended to walk students through the steps necessary to achieve this objective. Accordingly, the goal of this course is to prepare such managers to build brand assets and create an enduring advantage for their brands in the marketplace. The focus of the course will be highly applied with many cases and guest speakers that emphasize the actual management of products and brands.

Brand management has traditionally been associated with consumer products and services markets, though there is increasing interest in branding by firms who operate in industrial markets. The brand manager's key focus is developing and building the brand itself, which may extend across multiple product lines or categories.

Product management is typically used to describe a wide range of activities centered around a product or product line. Product management is often the preferred organizational approach in high technology and industrial markets, and in consumer products companies who favor a product category focus.

Finally, the course exposes students to the contemporary challenges faced by a broad variety of firms in creating and maintaining brand equity. The settings of the cases and exercises used in the course are quite diverse in terms of the sizes of the organizations involved and the types of markets they serve. Hence, the course is relevant to students whose interests are in general management and consulting as well as those who expect to work directly in brand or product management.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

Thus, you will have acquired skills that will help you to manage your products and brands to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, command greater price premiums, and efficiently allocate your marketing resources.