MARKETNG 807 - Marketing Strategy

Course Description

Marketing strategy is concerned with how to manage customers to maximize firm profits. This includes strategies to manage the selection, acquisition, and retention of customers and actions to manage the firm’s value proposition, business model, cross-functional activities, and structure/culture to profit from customers.

The course builds on the core marketing class and the core strategy class. However, it differs from both in key ways. First, given the strategic focus of the course, relatively less attention will be given to the tactical-level activities of the marketing department using the 4Ps. Second, the customer focus of the course means that capabilities are evaluated relative to their contribution to customer value and not as inherently valuable.

This is a practical class. Each class examines a case involving a firm problem. Within each case, there is a set of concepts, tools, or ideas that we will derive and use to solve the case or discuss the case with a guest. These concepts, tools, and ideas are one source of value from the class. A second source of value from the class will come from working to solve these cases in small groups before class.

Course Materials

2011 Syllabus