MGMTCOM 570 - Effective Advocacy

Course Description

Advocacy differs from mere persuasion because it assumes one must map the political landscape in an organization and adapt messages to it. An entrenched status quo is often the enemy of a change agent in an organization. Getting beyond that entrenchment requires the communicator to know the opponents’ arguments and to craft persuasive rebuttals to those arguments. Success in highly interactive meetings or presentations requires communicators to be quick and effective in refuting the arguments of others and adapting to the attitudes and values of the audience.

This course will help students prepare to succeed in such important skill areas as devil’s advocacy, framing issues clearly and strategically, preparing a team for battle in a competitive environment, facilitating meetings, and adapting arguments to audiences’ needs. You will communicate as a team and an individual in written or oral form. Beginning with the basics of advocating a point of view, you will refine your ability to construct persuasive arguments. You will also challenge others' viewpoints and positions in presentations, meetings, and simulations and master the ability to anticipate questions and manage challenges gracefully.

The goals of MGMTCOM 570 are to help students develop and refine the following skills and abilities

  1. The oral and written advocacy skills necessary to effectively influence individuals and teams within a modern global organization
  2. The ability to manage strategically the communication typical in meetings and other structured interactions
  3. The ability to work effectively and efficiently in a team to construct written and oral messages
  4. The ability to frame business situations in ways that promote focused and productive presentations and meetings about problems, issues, and solutions
  5. The ability to think on your feet and respond appropriately to questions and opposing views
  6. The ability to produce documents that are purposeful, clear, concise, and suited to business readers.

This course is not just about getting up in front of an audience or speaking at a meeting; it is about using the communication techniques and strategies you need to prevail in an organization.