MGMTCOM 571 - Professional Project Communication

Course Description

The ability to communicate ideas persuasively and clearly to top executives is a differentiating business skill. It separates mere managers from leaders in an organization. This course allows you to synthesize some of the new concepts you have learned and skills you have developed in the MBA program and offers you an opportunity to use them to persuade an executive board of Fuqua alumni to approve your recommended plan of action. It allows you to get valuable feedback from your instructor, your executive panel and your peers throughout the term.
This course builds on the important advocacy skills that students learned in MGMTCOM 395-397. It focuses on successful communication with executives and managers from outside the school who have agreed to act as project mentors. The communication project culminates in delivery of a fully professional and persuasive seventy-five-minute presentation to these decision-makers. The course tests students' abilities to analyze an audience, align and adapt to the needs of that audience, influence the decision-makers with written documents and oral discussions prior to the final presentation, and adapt to feedback and challenges throughout the term. Students develop and polish the skills they are likely to use during summer internships and throughout their business careers.

Goals of Management Communication in MGMTCOM 571 are to:

  1. Develop the advocacy skills necessary to effectively influence individuals and teams within a modern organization
  2. Further develop your understanding and ability to work effectively in teams
  3. Provide an opportunity for you to interact with and manage relationships with business managers
  4. Challenge you to prepare and present a fully professional and persuasive presentation of a business proposal to a business audience
  5. Refine your ability to think on your feet in responding to questions and challenges from an audience
  6. Prepare you to succeed in summer internship project management and presentation situations.

Effective communication is always listed among the top skills that leaders need. This course gives you the opportunity to augment those skills and improve your chances for success.