MGMTCOM 572 - Managerial Writing

Course Description

This course is designed to improve your skills in all phases of writing, from getting started on a writing task, to drafting, editing and revising for style, content and format. Writing tasks will include executive summaries, letters, memos, and email. No assignments will be over two pages, and most assignments can be revised. The goals of MGMTCOM 572 are as follows:

  1. Analyze your reading audience and adapt your writing to readers’ needs
  2. Establish a dialogue with the reader.
  3. Structure documents for maximum readability
  4. Identify and correct patterns of wordiness or awkwardness in your writing
  5. Revise complex material efficiently

Students should emerge from this class much better equipped to use writing as a management tool to inform, persuade and motivate their audiences.


This course is an advanced, graduate-level writing course, designed for those who already possess adequate writing skills.  No grammar or basic writing principles will be taught.  If you are unsure of your writing level, please contact the instructor.
No student will be admitted after the second class.  Missing more than two classes will affect your final grade.

Teaching methods

All classes will be interactive.  Time-saving techniques and best practices will be explained and applied. Students are required to conference with the instructor at least once during the term to gauge their progress. Historically, students have found these meetings extremely valuable in improving their skills.


Students will submit at least two-three short documents per week.  Most assignments may be revised.