MGMTCOM 573 - Workshop in Managerial Improvisation

Course Description

This (optional) class will meet the week before Spring 1 begins, January 5-9, 2015 and will be worth two credits. The final date to add/drop the Workshop in Managerial Improvisation is Friday, January 2, 2015..

Improvisation can be defined as “an intuitive, coordinated, and spontaneous response in a dynamic environment.” As such it is both a set of skills to be practiced and phenomena to be studied.
The course consists of an intensive week of experiential learning led by professional improvisation coaches from Chicago who have worked with such groups as The Second City and Improv Olympic. During these sessions you will be guided through a series of exercises designed to help you cultivate skills necessary for successful improvisation: teamwork, dropping inhibitions, commitment to ideas and to your teammates, concentration and listening, thinking creatively on your feet, and adaptive problem-solving. Some of these exercises are adapted from theatrical improv games; others have been designed specifically for this course.
The skills that you learn will help you to:

These experiential workshops will be supplemented with discussions exploring the use of improvisation in professional settings. Topics may include:

The course will be graded based on participation and attendance, a journal from the workshop, and a reaction paper to be written after completing the weeklong workshop.