MGMTCOM 575 - Beginning Working Spanish A

Course Description

This course is a first-semester language course designed for students who have not previously studied Spanish. This course takes a practical approach in developing speaking, reading, and writing skills in the context of business. MGMTCOM 575.101 is divided into three (3) Learning Units, each with its own set of objectives in Language skills, Grammar, and Cultural Understanding to help produce culturally sensitive speakers who can function comfortably and effectively in the target language’s workplace.

I. Building Business Relationships
II. At Work
III. Social Engagements

Students should emerge from this class equipped with basic language skills that will enable them to make small business transactions through a simulation with native Spanish speakers from different Latin American countries i.e., in a market, bank, hotel, travel agency, and theatre. They should also be familiar with the grammar concepts and the basic structure of the Spanish language.

This course is an entry level course. There are no prerequisites.

Teaching methods
Students will have weekly instructor-led workshops (classes) on Thursdays, from 5:30 – 6:45 p.m. Students are required to attend one conversation hour per week, of the ones set up and led by native Spanish speakers at FUQUA. Conversation hours will start the week after our first in-person workshop, which will be held on Thursday, September 12th. In-person workshops and conversation hours are extremely valuable in improving your Spanish-speaking skills and to build confidence in using the language. They are also an important component of your semester grade for this course.

Writing tasks include completing weekly fill in the blank worksheets, answering open-ended questions, or writing short paragraphs to be posted on an online site. All deliverables are meant to help you build your vocabulary, improve your writing skills, and explore the language.

Course Textbook
Course materials will be included in the online site, or will be given to you in a CD during the first in-person workshop. No other outside textbook or books will be required.

Active participation is critical to success in Working Spanish. All activities and assignments are to be completed by the due date and participants are expected to attend all instructor-led workshops. Because of the participation of guest speakers and the interactive class activities, missed workshops cannot be made up. If you have a problem attending a workshop, please contact your professor prior to the day in conflict!