MGRECON 781 - Global Economic Environment of the Firm

Course Descriptions

The goal of this course will be to analyze the global economic context in which managers make decisions as the basis of effective strategy. The overall economic environment strongly influences the decisions made by the firm, be it in marketing, finance or production. In this course we will try and understand how the overall economic environment influences the decisions of the firm. The course will lay down some simple approaches to understand the interlinkages in the global economy. These simple approaches will then be applied to specific problems that a firm or an economy will face in an international context. An important area of concern in this course is the link between aggregate economic changes and financial markets. Macroeconomic forces have dramatic effects on financial markets. This course will provide you with intuition and skills that help you understand the economics of financial markets and help in making intelligent business decisions.

In the end, our hope is that this course will train managers to think as business leaders. Business leaders lay their business strategies by evaluating the entire business environment. Hence, being able to recognize and interpret the changes in the global economic environment is absolutely critical for you.

Course Topics

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