MGRECON 784 – Game Theory for Strategic Advantage

This course represents a radical departure from the traditional approach to “game theory for business”.  Where traditional courses teach about rationality, dominant strategies, and Nash equilibrium, this path-breaking course explores the strategic implications of irrationality, delves into four distinct ways NOT to play dominant strategies, and casts a critical eye on the equilibrium paradigm.  You will emerge from this class a deeper strategic thinker, readier to recognize and seize upon opportunities for strategic advantage in the games you play.

We draw applications from a wide range of disciplines, from economics and strategy (e.g. price wars) to finance (e.g. liquidity in asset markets) to entrepreneurship (e.g. raising venture capital) and organizational behavior (e.g. social norms).  As such, this course should be of interest to students with interests in General Management, Strategic Consulting, Behavioral Economics, Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Social Entrepreneurship.