STRATEGY 836 - Global Institutions and Environments

Course Description

This course considers several types of institutional arrangements that have evolved to address certain problems that must be resolved if there is to be commerce involving goods, services and financial capital. The course addresses how the same problem is solved, or at least addressed, by differing institutional arrangements around the world, and the difficulties in applying a given institutional arrangement across jurisdictional boundaries. A central theme of the course is the evolving nature of global institutions, which are changing partly in response to pressure from competing interests. The course is not intended to provide sufficient expertise to resolve issues around how global institutions should change; that degree of expertise requires a deeper and broader understanding which can best be obtained from additional coursework. One objective of the course is to increase students’ appetite for and interest in courses related to globalization, institutions, incentives, corporate governance, regulation, business law, international finance and accounting, organizations and management (including culture), and international trade.