STRATEGY 847.301 - Managing the Challenged Business

Englar, John D.
Spring 1 2014
Tue, Fri 10:30am
Lilly Classroom

Course Overview

This is an advanced strategy/management course that focuses on the role of managers in responding to challenges, both internal and external, both expected and unexpected, that have the potential to seriously disrupt the implementation of the firm's strategy. The course explores the array of challenges of this nature that businesses may face in the current global business environment and the options managers have in preventing or addressing them. In addition, the class will examine the circumstances in which the use of restructuring and formal bankruptcy reorganizations tools may be necessary.

As appropriate, outside experts in business turnarounds and other aspects of the restructuring process will present to the class. The course goal is to interweave the experience of participants in these processes with substantive knowledge and tools to which managers will need to be exposed as well as a cross-section of writings in the field from a variety of sources.

Professor: John Englar (former officer and Director, Burlington Industries, former Director, Delphi Automotive)

Visiting Experts: