Reunion Committee

Why volunteer?

  • To reconnect with classmates.
  • To start, or continue, on a pathway to other volunteer opportunities at Fuqua.
  • To accomplish a worthy goal and make an impact at the school.
  • To develop or strengthen a relationship with Fuqua staff.
  • To live in the spirit Team Fuqua, even after graduation.

Reunion Volunteer Role

Using Duke's Volunteer Information and Communication System (VICS) all volunteers will be asked to select and reach out to at least 10 of their classmates to reconnect them with Fuqua, find out what they are up to now, discuss reunion weekend, and encourage them to attend.

Volunteers additionally will be asked to help:

  • Provide anecdotes to Fuqua's Development and Alumni Relations team about your time at Fuqua to help us tailor class communication.
  • Help recruit additional class volunteers for outreach activity.
  • Manage class-specific social media activity.
  • Gather and collect class photos - both current as well as from your time at Fuqua.
  • Reach out to favorite faculty to encourage them to connect with your class at reunion weekend.
  • Organize class-specific activities (example include, hash runs, FuquaVision, etc), if of interest to your class.

Volunteer Timeline

August - October: 

  • Reunion volunteer recruitment
  • Fuqua provides materials for communication to your class about reunion

November - December:

  • Begin using existing social media platforms (e.g., Facebook pages) or create new ones to start promoting reunion
  • Attend virtual VICS training


  • Volunteers register for reunion
  • Use VICS to select classmates for outreach
  • Begin outreach to classmates


  • Continue outreach to classmates
  • Contact faculty about participating in class activities
  • Attend reunion April 29 - May 1, 2016