Recent Graduates

Empty your locker
Daytime MBA and MMS students should empty their lockers by Wednesday, June 1. After this date anything left in your locker will be discarded.

Pay your balance
You must pay your balance due at the bursar's office or your diploma and transcript will be withheld. The Bursar's website has information on payment options. Any balance on your student flex card will be returned to your Bursar's account. If you have no outstanding balance at the Bursar's Office, the flex card refund will be mailed to the address you entered in ACES.

Support your class gift
Leave a lasting legacy by paying it forward for the next class of Fuquans. Visit the class gift page to learn more about your class campaign.

Return library books
Before graduation, you must pay any outstanding fines and return items to avoid issues with graduating on time or requesting transcripts. Please consider donating any unwanted books to other students via the Fuqua Book Exchange, April 15-May 15. 

Purchase software
If you haven't already downloaded and installed a permanent license for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office from Duke OIT, you can obtain and license keys and install media prior to graduation.  should plan on signing onto to obtain license keys and install media prior to graduation. This is required to eliminate any software authentication or activation issues post-graduation.

The license key located on the receipt must be saved or printed in addition to backing up the install media that is downloaded. There is no recourse for obtaining these items after graduation.

For users of VMWare Fusion on the Mac or others that have installed the KMS version (installed prior to October 2012) of Windows or Office that requires activation on Duke's network every six months, you will need to uninstall the software and reinstall with the version from the On The Hub site. Again, there is no recourse to obtain this permanent license after graduation from Duke. If you have any questions as to which version you have please contact the TSC prior to graduation.

Students may continue to use course-related software such as Regress and Crystal Ball for academic purposes only. The current Crystal Ball license will expire in August.

Return keys to the BMO
If you've been using keys for the bike racks, storage areas, etc., please return them to the BMO.

Complete copying or scanning projects
Because your Duke card will no longer be valid after graduation, any copying or scanning that requires the large Xerox copiers in the Keller East computer lab and the Fox Center student communications area should be completed prior to graduation.

Finish your database research
Your access to many library databases ends at graduation. This is because vendor license agreements do not allow the library to extend access to non-students. Alumni may continue to access many databases while visiting the Ford Library. Check the "Library Services" page in the "Learn" section of this site to see a list of the library databases subscribed especially for alumni.

Check your parking permit
Your parking permit is valid until August 15.

Give us your new address
About a month after graduation, you may update your profile information using the Fuqua alumni directory. Continue using the same login and password you used as a student.

Migrate e-mail from your Duke account
You may access your Duke e-mail account ( for approximately one year after graduation. You will not receive warning that access is about to be cut off, so you are strongly encouraged to start using a different account and move important messages to your new e-mail account. If you have questions about your Duke e-mail account, please contact Duke's Office of Information Technology. Don't forget to give Fuqua your new e-mail address by updating your profile in the Alumni Directory.

Connect with your CMC Career Coach
Alumni-specific career coaching services typically begin three months after graduation.  Learn more here.

Clear out your H: drive
Graduates may use their Duke Net IDs until September 30 after graduation. Your Net ID gives you access to FuquaWorld, the Fuqua VPN, public PCs at Fuqua, and your H: drive. We recommend that you begin to remove or archive data from your H: drive well before September. CD-RW drives are available in the Fuqua main computer lab. Learn more about backing up your information.

Finish any work on the platform
Global Executive, Weekend Executive, and Cross Continent MBA graduates may access the platform for six months after graduation.

Transfer ownership of Team Tools folders
Daytime and MMS graduates may access Team Tools until August 31 following graduation. Team "owners" who are graduating may transfer ownership to another team member through the edit feature in team tools. This should be completed by July 31. Click on "Adjust add/delete privileges" and select the team member to whom ownership will be transferred and then save your changes.

Check out the Duke alumni directory
Duke students who graduate in May can access the Duke alumni directory starting May 31. The directory includes contact information for over 150,000 Duke alumni around the world. The Duke alumni directory requires a log-in and password that is different from your Fuqua log-in credentials. Setting up an account only takes a few minutes. To learn more, visit the Duke alumni web site.

Keep an eye out for your Duke Alumni Card
All Fuqua graduating students will receive a Duke Alumni Card. Your card will be mailed directly to you in early August to the address on file in the alumni directory. Your Duke Alumni Card comes with several privileges.

Wrap up or extend your gym membership
Between May graduation and June 30 of the same year, once you obtain your alumni card, you may purchase a monthly or yearly membership to the gym.

Extend your health insurance
For Daytime and MMS students who graduate in May 2016, the Duke Student Medical Insurance Plan (SMIP) coverage ends on July 31, 2016. Graduated students who have been continuously enrolled in the SMIP for at least 6 months ending on July 31, 2016, are eligible to purchase continuation of coverage. This coverage may be purchased for up to a period of 6 months extending to January 31, 2017.

At this time, the link for continuation of coverage is not available on the Student Blue website. This link will be made available in the month of July and will include details on continuation premium rates and instructions for enrollment. All matters pertaining to continuation will be handled between the student and Student Blue.

Note: Continuation of Coverage will no longer be offered to students who enrolled in Duke SMIP after February 1, 2016. If you do not qualify for Continuation of Coverage and you need health insurance, please visit the healthcare exchange at