Volunteer Recognition

Alumni Impact Award

This award was established in 2001 to recognize and honor individuals or teams who have helped advance Fuqua by investing their time and energy on a specific project. Recipients are recognized for their willingness to work out unique solutions that create positive outcomes and for taking the initiative to benefit the Fuqua community with their time, energy, and talents.

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2014-15 Winners

Photo of Matt KoidinMatt Koidin MBA '05

Chief Technology Officer, Pocket 

For his work in supporting the entrepreneurship community at Duke broadly and Fuqua specifically, we are proud to award Matt the Alumni Impact Award. He has spent many hours conceiving of, running and managing such activities as the DukeGEN Angel Pitch event in San Francisco, DukeGEN Summer Programs (which include an internship program and an incubator program), and the popular DukeGEN networking events in San Francisco. He has hosted Fuqua and Duke undergraduate students when they make their job treks to the Bay Area and has supported Fuqua admissions work. He is described as great to work with, and both brilliant and modest.

Photo of Paul StraubPaul Straub MBA '05

Director and Partner, Claremont Creek Ventures

Paul was one of the early supporters of Fuqua's Center for Energy, Development, and the Global Environment (EDGE) and over the last 5 years has been instrumental in helping Fuqua strengthen its network and raise its visibility among the community of clean energy entrepreneurs and investors in Silicon Valley. He helped EDGE launch a program which became known as the Cleantech Venture Fellows program, in which teams of Fuqua students have the opportunity to work on live consulting projects. Paul helps the Fuqua team identify and scope these opportunities and then he helps mentor the student teams. He is a member of the EDGE Advisory Board, and has been an important contributor. This past March, Paul helped EDGE design and host its first-ever offsite Advisory Board meeting in San Francisco, using his network to invite high-profile speakers and guests and help develop the meeting content. His efforts helped raise the profile of Duke with the clean energy community in the Bay Area. Paul makes time to speak at student conferences and other events at Fuqua each year, and he frequently speaks with students by phone about careers in energy and cleantech venture capital and extends his network to benefit students who visit the Bay Area for "Week in Cities" trips. Paul has gone above and beyond in helping Fuqua build its experiential learning opportunities, its network and its reputation in the energy sector.

 2013-14 Andrei Zuzin MBA '04
David Cummings '99, MBA '04
 2012-13 Warren Farr MBA '93
J.D. Lubenetski MBA '08
 2011-12 Bassam Bitar MBA '07
 2010-11 Shaun Horrigan MBA '10
 2009-10 Lisa Parker MBA  '85
Paula Weiner MBA '85
 2008-09 Matt Bailey MBA '99
 2007-08 Judy Maness MBA '83
Wenny Tung MBA '03
 2006-07 Kate Bostock T' 94, MBA '02
 2005-06 Chris Rae MBA '01
Javed Tapia MBA '91

Triangle Alumni Club Leadership Team
Michael Dombeck MBA '03, Tera Ferguson MBA '03, Todd Creech MBA '03, Jane Brown MBA '97,
Rod Santomassimo MBA '87, Mark De Cain MBA '02, Jonathan Brimfield MBA '03 and Jan Bouten MBA '03

 2003-04 Rod Santomassimo MBA '87
Jonathan Wigser MBA '94
 2002-03 Jon Sherwin MHA '78
William Randolph Smith MHA '72
 2001-02 Wendy Aims Rowe T '79, MBA '93
Janice Newsom MBA '77

Award for Exemplary Service

Established in 1991, this long-standing award recognizes individuals who demonstrate a dedication to the school through their time, energy, talents, or financial support. These alumni have built strong networks through class activities, regional programming, corporate initiatives, and service to current students and faculty. They have also led by example in showing others how to strengthen the bonds between Fuqua, its alumni and corporate partners.

2014-15 Winners

Photo of Fred IsbellFred Isbell MBA '85

Senior Director SAP Services Marketing, SAP

Fred is an extremely devoted alumnus of Fuqua, travelling back to campus several times per year for recruiting purposes and also to attend conferences held by the Marketing Club, the High Tech Club, and the Association of Women in Business. He has been instrumental in establishing corporate partnerships between SAP and a number of professional clubs on campus with the goal to get more Fuquans into SAP's leadership development program. Fred sees the value that Fuqua graduates can provide and recognizes a strong cultural match between Fuqua and SAP. Beyond that, he is very strategic in improving these partnership, meeting regularly with club leaders and brainstorming new ideas for engagement. Recently, he helped secure an impressive panelist for the Association of Women in Business conference to speak to students about the gender implications of risk-taking. 

Photo of Jonathan RothJonathan Roth MBA '90

Managing Director, President, Abbott Capital Management, LLC

If we had to highlight a Fuqua alum who has "done it all" for Duke, we have to look no further than Jonathan Roth. Jonathan began his long track record of volunteerism and engagement immediately upon graduation, serving as an admissions volunteer in New York. Since then he has served on his reunion committee for every reunion, on Fuqua's Alumni Council for many years, and has been an active member of the Duke Financial Partners. Jonathan has been an active member of Fuqua's Board of Visitors since 2003 where he provides important counsel to Dean Boulding and Fuqua's senior leadership. Jonathan also spent countless hours volunteering on the search committee to find our most recent dean, Bill Boulding. Jonathan took this job very seriously, striving to make sure Fuqua recruited, or in this case retained, the best candidate to lead the school into its next phase of growth and achievement. He also is a generous and consistent donor to Fuqua, giving to Fuqua's Annual Fund every year since graduation, and for over 10 years he has hosted one of Fuqua's premier leadership donor events in New York, helping us build community in the Keller Society and generously providing opportunities for Fuqua alumni and donors to network. Jonathan's engagement with Duke has now entered a new phase as his son Jeremy is completing his freshman year here. Jonathan truly leads by example, encouraging others to get involved at Fuqua and give back their time, talent, and financial resources.

 2013-14 Teresa Niu MBA '09
Tyrone Thomas MBA '04 
 2012-13 Brian Derksen MBA '78
Christiaan Heijmen MBA '08
 2011-12 Joel Lipsitch MBA '02
 2010-11 Bharat Tandon MBA '86
Jimmy Childre MBA '01
 2009-10 Alison Levine MBA '00
Catherine Nelson MBA '85
 2008-09 Keith Artin MBA '99
Edward Magee MBA '99
 2007-08 Ken Burton MBA '98
Lynn Calhoun T '78, MBA '83
 2006-07 Bob Joyce MBA '87
 2005-06 Sharon Piech MBA '01
 2003-04 Sanjith Shetty MBA '95
 2002-03 Owen May MBA '83
 2001-02 Roy Kiefer MBA '78
 2000-01 Adrian Sawczuk MBA '97
 1999-00 Walter Simpson III MBA '74
 1998-99 John Rollins
 1997-98 Robert Garda E '61
 1996-97 J. Derek Penn MBA '84
 1995-96 Kirk Bradley MBA '86
 1993-94 Jack Bovender, Jr. MHA '69
 1992-93 Jennifer Farthing Bean MBA '86
Robert Price T '52
 1991-92 Robert Lane MBA '81

Leader of Consequence Award

Newly established in 2012, this award recognizes alumni whose exemplary professional accomplishments are matched by the significant positive social or environmental change they have created. Recipients embody Fuqua's concept of a "Leader of Consequence" by using their degree to make a difference both inside and outside of the boardroom.

2014-15 Winners

Photo of Alex MichalkoAlex Michalko MBA '10

Sustainability Senior Program Manager, REI

Alex's focus and commitment to making a positive difference through her career is clear. She is a recognized leader in the field of corporate social responsibility. During her time at Fuqua and in the five years since she has developed recommendations for Microsoft's environmental strategy, crafted a sustainability playbook for Walmart suppliers, contributed to Disney's corporate citizen strategy, and managed REI's sustainability strategy and reporting. In addition, she has regularly given back to the Fuqua community. She has made the trip from Seattle to Durham to speak at Fuqua's Sustainable Business & Social Impact (SBSI) Conference several years in a row and provides mentoring to current MEM/MBA students. She cares deeply for her work and Team Fuqua and for that she is highly deserving of the Leader of Consequence Award.

Photo of Jeff JablowJeff Jablow MBA '05

Senior Vice President, Strategy and Operations, City Year

When Jeff graduated from Fuqua, he went to work at City Year, a national service organization which partners young adults, ages 17 to 24 with at-risk schools to provide individualized support that keeps kids in school and on track to success. He has continued to work there for nearly 10 years, currently serving as City Year's Senior Vice President of Strategy & Operations, leading City Year's national growth and impact planning, and has played an instrumental role in their growth and success. He remains committed to impact, stating in a recent alumni interview: "At a high level, what keeps me engaged in City Year is that at a macro-level, the challenges we have in urban education are really just a matter of what families the students were born into and what schools they attend—the impact of poverty. I want to continue to figure out ways to deploy the resources we have as a country and the people who are willing to spend a year or two of their life working in these schools and working with these children. There is still so much work to be done… [to] solve this problem. I think it is solvable. I want to work so that it is solvable in my lifetime, and I think City Year has an important role to play in that, in this larger urban education ecosystem."

 2013-14 John Troy MBA '09 
 2012-13  Paula Alexander MBA '98
 2011-12  Paul Sansone MBA '92

May-Penn Award of Excellence

This award was established in 2006 in honor of Owen May MBA '83 and Derek Penn '79, MBA '84 for their longstanding commitment, leadership, and exemplary service to The Fuqua School of Business. The May-Penn Award of Excellence is the highest honor Black and Latino MBA Organization alumni can bestow upon a peer.

This award will honor the alumnus/alumnae who actively participates in annual events, is accessible to students, and is connected to the broader community through his/her interaction with the faculty and administration. The recipient of this award should be recognized as a leader within the Fuqua community as well as in his or her profession. The individual recognized with the May-Penn Award of Excellence is an inspiration to those around him/her and a role model to those coming after him/her.

2015-16 Winner

Anne Sempowski Ward Anne Sempowski Ward '94, MBA '04

CEO, Thymes

Anne is a leader within Fuqua and the greater Duke community. She generously gives her time, talent, and resources to support and advance Duke-wide initiatives. She is held in extremely high regard by the Duke/Fuqua Administration, her fellow alumni, and current students. 

Her dedicated service to Fuqua includes:

  • Serving as the Vice-Chair of the Minority Alumni Advisory Board.
  • Leading the Development and Alumni Relations Taskforce, playing an instrumental role in creating the "Meet Me There" campaign.
  • Mentoring and advising current students and fellow alumni.
  • Regularly returning to Fuqua to support the Duke MBA Workshop for Minority Applicants and Black and Latino MBA Organization (BLMBAO) events as a panelist and keynote speaker. 

She is also an impact player within the greater Duke community as:

  • A Duke Reunions volunteer
  • Participant on a special committee for the Duke Office of Institutional Equity
  • Chair of the Duke Proceed committee
 2014  Tonya Registre MBA '09
 2013 Mark Williams '92, MBA '96
 2012 Eva De La Rosa MBA '05
 2011 Tyrone Thomas MBA '04
 2010 Theresa Jones MBA '98
 2009 Ken Burton MBA '98
 2008 Ed Magee MBA '04
 2007 Kelvin Baggett MBA '06
 2006 Owen May MBA '83
Derek Penn '79, MBA '84