Volunteer Recognition

Alumni Impact Award

  • Established in 2001.
  • Recognizes individuals or teams who have helped advance Fuqua by investing their time and energy on a specific project.
  • Recipients are honored for their willingness to work out unique solutions that create positive outcomes and for taking the initiative to benefit the Fuqua community with their time, energy, and talents.

2015-16 Winners

Brian BellBrian Bell MBA '05

Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President, Inflection Point LLC

Brian was a founding member of the Fuqua Minority Alumni Advisory Board and served as the co-chair of the Admissions Task Force from 2008-2015. During his board tenure, he led the Admissions Task Force and played an instrumental role in developing and executing the Yield Enhancement Strategy, or Y.E.S. Program—aimed at increasing the number of underrepresented minority students attending Fuqua. Brian assisted the Office of Admissions further by providing strategic planning for the annual Duke MBA Workshop for Minority Applicants, serving as a panelist at the workshop, and recruiting additional alumni volunteers for Admissions-related events. His passion for Fuqua also extends to current students; he serves as a mentor, assists in "Week in Cities" planning, and advises tech industry-focused students by conducting mock interviews. He has initiated introductory conversations between employers and the Career Management Center. Brian has a reputation for his practicality in balancing student and alumni needs as well as the creation of innovative strategies. Brian has also been a consistent donor to the Fuqua Annual Fund and a member of the Keller Leadership Donor Society. 

Amy KatchAmy Katch MBA '93

Client Outcomes Executive, Nuance Communications/Healthcare

In partnership with the Career Management Center, Amy developed a new program to connect with second-year MBA students returning from their internships, where she served as a key presenter and program facilitator, and ultimately left a lasting impact on the start of the second year for Fuqua's Health Sector Management students. She also served on a panel for incoming first-year students, the students are still talking about it her presentations today. Amy plans to continue this successful program into the future. Amy also served on the Fuqua Alumni Council from 2009- 2014, is currently on the Alumni Advisory Admissions Council for Duke. She currently develops and executes go-to-market strategies for Nuance Healthcare clinical language understanding (NLP) and speech recognition solutions. Amy is active in her local community and has served on the Board of the Pacific Palisades Woman's Club in the Los Angeles area.

Amy Katch's Bio
Amy develops and executes Go-To-Market strategies for Nuance Healthcare (Nasdaq: NUAN, #15 on the HCI 100 list) clinical language understanding (NLP) and speech recognition solutions.  With specific responsibility for several of the nation's largest hospital Integrated Delivery Networks, Amy positions Nuance's clinical documentation portfolio to improve health system financial outcomes.  Amy also has over ten years of experience working with a variety of internet-based business models (including pioneering internet advertising) in sales, business development and VC funding. Amy's success emanates from passionately educating prospects about disruptive technologies and growing those relationships into long-standing, revenue-generating customers.

Amy has an M.B.A from Duke's Fuqua School of Business and a B.B.A. in Accounting from The University of Texas at Austin. Amy funded a campaign for Fuqua's tenured professor's to have copies of Nuance's Dragon NaturallySpeaking to facilitate their work .  She has served on both Fuqua and Texas' alumni advisory boards.  Amy has mentored students in Fuqua's Health Sector Management and Masters of Management Studies programs and is an Alumni Admissions interviewer for Duke University.  Amy's also active in her local community and has served on the Board of the Pacific Palisades Woman's Club in the Los Angeles area. Amy is an avid altitude hiker, cyclist and swimmer.

 2014-15 Matt Koidin MBA '05
Paul Straub MBA '05
 2013-14 Andrei Zuzin MBA '04
David Cummings '99, MBA '04
 2012-13 Warren Farr MBA '93
J.D. Lubenetski MBA '08
 2011-12 Bassam Bitar MBA '07
 2010-11 Shaun Horrigan MBA '10
 2009-10 Lisa Parker MBA  '85
Paula Weiner MBA '85
 2008-09 Matt Bailey MBA '99
 2007-08 Judy Maness MBA '83
Wenny Tung MBA '03
 2006-07 Kate Bostock T' 94, MBA '02
 2005-06 Chris Rae MBA '01
Javed Tapia MBA '91

Triangle Alumni Club Leadership Team
Michael Dombeck MBA '03, Tera Ferguson MBA '03, Todd Creech MBA '03, Jane Brown MBA '97,
Rod Santomassimo MBA '87, Mark De Cain MBA '02, Jonathan Brimfield MBA '03 and Jan Bouten MBA '03

 2003-04 Rod Santomassimo MBA '87
Jonathan Wigser MBA '94
 2002-03 Jon Sherwin MHA '78
William Randolph Smith MHA '72
 2001-02 Wendy Aims Rowe T '79, MBA '93
Janice Newsom MBA '77

Award for Exemplary Service

  • Established in 1991.
  • Recognizes individuals who demonstrate a dedication to the school through their time, energy, talents, or financial support.
  • Recipients have built strong networks through class activities, regional programming, corporate initiatives, board service, and/or service to fellow alumni, current students, and faculty. They have also led by example in showing others how to strengthen the bonds between Fuqua, its alumni and corporate partners.

2015-16 Winners

Jeff KovickJeff Kovick '01, MBA '11

Recruiting Manager, The Boston Consulting Group

Jeff is the Recruiting Manager for Boston Consulting Group in Washington D.C. His commitment to Fuqua is unparalleled—he works tirelessly to recruit qualified Fuqua graduates to BCG and serves as a mentor to many, helping them make a seamless transition from student to alumni. Jeff is described by his peers as the "true embodiment of Team Fuqua." He has continued to maintain a rich relationship with numerous staff and professors, stays connected with the university as a whole, and builds new relationships with prospective and current Fuqua students.In addition to helping recruit students from Fuqua to BCG, he has encouraged several BCG analysts looking for MBA programs to consider and apply to Fuqua. While at Fuqua, Jeff earned a concentration in Decision Sciences and Strategy and co-founded a medical device startup through the Program for Entrepreneurs.

Rubens PassosRubens Passos MBA '99

President and CEO, Tilibra Brazil

Rubens Passos has been President  & CEO of Tilibra Brazil since 2009, an Acco Brands company, a market leader in school and office supplies. He also serves as President of ABFIAE, a Brazilian stationery industry association that he helped found in 2011. In an effort to increase Fuqua's brand awareness in Latin America, Rubens took action and ultimately led the most successful public relations project Fuqua has ever run outside of the United States. Dean Boulding told a reporter with Duke Magazine, "We are so grateful for all the time Rubens spent helping our team really understand how we might be able to connect in Brazil in meaningful ways. Not only did Rubens make the introductions that led to success in our efforts, but he was a source of valuable insight throughout the process of forming key relationships and strong partnerships in Brazil. He is truly an example of how our alumni can help us make an impact around the world." Rubens also serves as National Advisory Board Chairman of Enactus Brazil, a worldwide charitable organization focused on developing student entrepreneurship. He served as board member for Sorri, a charitable organization that treats people with disabilities in Brazil. Rubens is proud to be a member of Fuqua's Latin America Regional Advisory Board since 2015.

 2014-15 Fred Isbell MBA '85
Jonathan Roth MBA '90
 2013-14 Teresa Niu MBA '09
Tyrone Thomas MBA '04 
 2012-13 Brian Derksen MBA '78
Christiaan Heijmen MBA '08
 2011-12 Joel Lipsitch MBA '02
 2010-11 Bharat Tandon MBA '86
Jimmy Childre MBA '01
 2009-10 Alison Levine MBA '00
Catherine Nelson MBA '85
 2008-09 Keith Artin MBA '99
Edward Magee MBA '99
 2007-08 Ken Burton MBA '98
Lynn Calhoun T '78, MBA '83
 2006-07 Bob Joyce MBA '87
 2005-06 Sharon Piech MBA '01
 2003-04 Sanjith Shetty MBA '95
 2002-03 Owen May MBA '83
 2001-02 Roy Kiefer MBA '78
 2000-01 Adrian Sawczuk MBA '97
 1999-00 Walter Simpson III MBA '74
 1998-99 John Rollins
 1997-98 Robert Garda E '61
 1996-97 J. Derek Penn MBA '84
 1995-96 Kirk Bradley MBA '86
 1993-94 Jack Bovender, Jr. MHA '69
 1992-93 Jennifer Farthing Bean MBA '86
Robert Price T '52
 1991-92 Robert Lane MBA '81

Leader of Consequence Award

  • Established in 2012.
  • Recognizes alumni whose exemplary professional accomplishments are matched by the significant positive social or environmental change they have created.
  • Recipients embody Fuqua's concept of a "Leader of Consequence" by using their degree to make a difference both inside and outside of the boardroom.

2015-16 Winner

Tim JeffriesTim Jeffries MBA '03

Director, Arizona Department of Economic Security

Tim Jeffries has been blessed to serve others throughout his 30 year career, and currently serves as Director of the Arizona Department of Economic Security. Tim's brother was senselessly murdered in 1981 which has led Tim to be a compelling voice for the crime victims' movement in America. He has served on a number of nonprofit boards for organizations including Parents of Murdered Children, Arizona Voice for Crime Victims, the National Organization for Victims Assistance (NOVA) and he led the founding of the National Justice Project. Tim served on the Board of Directors of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry from 2006 to 2015. In 2011, he was appointed to serve on the Arizona Commerce Authority as the Chairman of the Performance and Compensation Committee. Tim was reappointed to the business attraction and job creation Commission in 2014.  During his tenure, Tim was a leading voice for small businessmen and women in Arizona with special care and attention to family-run businesses with values-based commitment to corporate social responsibility. With a great love for Duke University and a desire to give back, Tim served two terms on Fuqua's Alumni Council, he is a supporter of the Catholics@Fuqua Club, and he has counseled and inspired many MBA graduates on the Common Good. Tim was appointed to the Advisory Board of the Duke University Catholic Center in 2013 where he still serves. Tim has served on a number of other non-profit boards including the Make-A-Wish (MAW) Foundation of Arizona. Under Tim's leadership the Arizona Foundation was recognized as one of the top Make-A-Wish foundations in the country.

 2014-15 Alex Michalko MBA '10
Jeff Jablow MBA '05
 2013-14 John Troy MBA '09 
 2012-13  Paula Alexander MBA '98
 2011-12  Paul Sansone MBA '92

May-Penn Award of Excellence

This award was established in 2006 in honor of Owen May MBA '83 and Derek Penn '79, MBA '84 for their longstanding commitment, leadership, and exemplary service to The Fuqua School of Business. The May-Penn Award of Excellence is the highest honor Black and Latino MBA Organization alumni can bestow upon a peer.

This award will honor the alumnus/alumnae who actively participates in annual events, is accessible to students, and is connected to the broader community through his/her interaction with the faculty and administration. The recipient of this award should be recognized as a leader within the Fuqua community as well as in his or her profession. The individual recognized with the May-Penn Award of Excellence is an inspiration to those around him/her and a role model to those coming after him/her.

2016-17 Winner

Isela BahenaIsela Bahena MBA '04

Senior Director, TIAA

Isela is an outstanding alumni volunteer who generously gives her time, talent, and resources to support and advance Duke wide initiatives. She is held in extremely high regard by the Duke and Fuqua administration, her fellow alumni, and current students. 

Her dedicated service to Fuqua and Duke includes:

  • Mentoring MBA and MMS students
  • Serving on Fuqua's Alumni Council
  • Leading efforts to enhance the representation of Latino students and the engagement of Latino alumni at Fuqua
  • Giving back financially as a member of the Thomas F. Keller Leadership Donor Society
  • Serving as a panelist for Duke Financial Partners
  • Participating in her class reunion committee
  • Serving as an impact player within the greater Duke community as an active member of the Duke University Hispanic/Latino Alumni Association 
 2015  Anne Sempowski Ward '94, MBA '04
 2014  Tonya Registre MBA '09
 2013 Mark Williams '92, MBA '96
 2012 Eva De La Rosa MBA '05
 2011 Tyrone Thomas MBA '04
 2010 Theresa Jones MBA '98
 2009 Ken Burton MBA '98
 2008 Ed Magee MBA '04
 2007 Kelvin Baggett MBA '06
 2006 Owen May MBA '83
Derek Penn '79, MBA '84