Volunteer Recognition

Alumni Impact Award

This award was established in 2001 to recognize and honor individuals or teams who have helped advance Fuqua by investing their time and energy on a specific project. Recipients are recognized for their willingness to work out unique solutions that create positive outcomes and for taking the initiative to benefit the Fuqua community with their time, energy, and talents.

2013-14 Winners

Andrei ZuzinAndrei Zuzin MBA '04

Director Skolkovo project, Cisco Systems

Andrei is currently on Fuqua's Russia/CIS Regional Advisory Board and has been a great supporter of Fuqua's activities in the Russia/CIS region since 2010. Due to his unique experience in the business environment in Russia, Andrei has been one of the major sources of expertise for Fuqua in Russia. He consistently helps build the Fuqua and Duke brand in Russia and has introduced Fuqua's Regional Office in Russia to the major R&D Directors community in Russia, which resulted in a thought leadership event featuring Fuqua faculty and speaking opportunity at a high profile summit. He also hosted the regional advisory board meeting at Cisco's Russia office and provides testimony about why CCMBA is a great program.

David CummingsDavid Cummings '99, MBA '04

Director, Corporate Finance & Capital Planning, General Motors Company

Dave is an incredible mentor and guest expert for Fuqua's students and faculty. An active volunteer, David frequently returns to campus speak in class and engage in the on-campus recruiting process to expand Fuqua's partnership with GM. He has advised PhD students and faculty on their research, and he has mentored many first and second years through the internship/career search process.

 2012-13 Warren Farr MBA '93
J.D. Lubenetski MBA '08
 2011-12 Bassam Bitar MBA '07
 2010-11 Shaun Horrigan MBA '10
 2009-10 Lisa Parker MBA  '85
Paula Weiner MBA '85
 2008-09 Matt Bailey MBA '99
 2007-08 Judy Maness MBA '83
Wenny Tung MBA '03
 2006-07 Kate Bostock T' 94, MBA '02
 2005-06 Chris Rae MBA '01
Javed Tapia MBA '91

Triangle Alumni Club Leadership Team
Michael Dombeck MBA '03, Tera Ferguson MBA '03, Todd Creech MBA '03, Jane Brown MBA '97,
Rod Santomassimo MBA '87, Mark De Cain MBA '02, Jonathan Brimfield MBA '03 and Jan Bouten MBA '03

 2003-04 Rod Santomassimo MBA '87
Jonathan Wigser MBA '94
 2002-03 Jon Sherwin MHA '78
William Randolph Smith MHA '72
 2001-02 Wendy Aims Rowe T '79, MBA '93
Janice Newsom MBA '77

Award for Exemplary Service

Established in 1991, this long-standing award recognizes individuals who demonstrate a dedication to the school through their time, energy, talents, or financial support. These alumni have built strong networks through class activities, regional programming, corporate initiatives, and service to current students and faculty. They have also led by example in showing others how to strengthen the bonds between Fuqua, its alumni and corporate partners.

2013-14 Winners

Teresa NiuTeresa Niu MBA '09

Marketing Director, Cheerful Postnatal Care Center, Shanghai, China

Teresa has been a longtime volunteer for Fuqua and Duke in Taiwan and China and is the "go to" person for many Duke and Fuqua faculty and staff traveling to the region. She is an essential member of Fuqua's alumni interviewer team in Shanghai as well as an active participant in getting prospective students to come to Fuqua. Teresa often spends time with incoming students from Shanghai to provide pre-Durham and pre-MBA advice, and then stays in touch with them over the course of the two years at Duke. Because of Teresa's volunteer involvement in China and Taiwan, Fuqua has had success attracting great applicants, yielding a high percentage of admitted students, and then those students doing well both at Duke and post-MBA.

Tyrone Thomas MBA '04Tyrone Thomas MBA '04

Head of North American Loan Sales, Citi

Tyrone serves on Fuqua's Minority Alumni Advisory Board and will assume the role as Chair July 1, 2014. Tyrone is a mentor to many students and has gone out of his way to increase the presence of Duke students, particularly from the MMS program, at Citi. He truly demonstrates his loyalty to Team Fuqua with his one-on-one mentorship, plentiful advice, and dedication to helping students pursue opportunities at Citi.

 2012-13 Brian Derksen MBA '78
Christiaan Heijmen MBA '08
 2011-12 Joel Lipsitch MBA '02
 2010-11 Bharat Tandon MBA '86
Jimmy Childre MBA '01
 2009-10 Alison Levine MBA '00
Catherine Nelson MBA '85
 2008-09 Keith Artin MBA '99
Edward Magee MBA '99
 2007-08 Ken Burton MBA '98
Lynn Calhoun T '78, MBA '83
 2006-07 Bob Joyce MBA '87
 2005-06 Sharon Piech MBA '01
 2003-04 Sanjith Shetty MBA '95
 2002-03 Owen May MBA '83
 2001-02 Roy Kiefer MBA '78
 2000-01 Adrian Sawczuk MBA '97
 1999-00 Walter Simpson III MBA '74
 1998-99 John Rollins
 1997-98 Robert Garda E '61
 1996-97 J. Derek Penn MBA '84
 1995-96 Kirk Bradley MBA '86
 1993-94 Jack Bovender, Jr. MHA '69
 1992-93 Jennifer Farthing Bean MBA '86
Robert Price T '52
 1991-92 Robert Lane MBA '81

Leader of Consequence Award

Newly established in 2012, this award recognizes alumni whose exemplary professional accomplishments are matched by the significant positive social or environmental change they have created. Recipients embody Fuqua's concept of a "Leader of Consequence" by using their degree to make a difference both inside and outside of the boardroom.

2013-14 Winner

John Troy MBA ‘09John Troy MBA '09

Executive Director, Southern Region, Education Pioneers

While at Fuqua John served as President of the Net Impact Club. Since graduation he has remained incredibly supportive of the club and the Center for the Advancement of Sociel Entrepreneurship (CASE), returning to Fuqua each year to support Day in Durham. John has been instrumental in Education's Pioneers' recruiting activities on-campus, and in strengthening the Fuqua partnership. Education Pioneers is now one of Fuqua's largest summer internship recruiters. John always makes himself available to talk with Fuqua students and has actively participated in the Week in Cities events in Washington, DC. 

 2012-13  Paula Alexander MBA '98
 2011-12  Paul Sansone MBA '92

May-Penn Award of Excellence

This award was established in 2006 in honor of Owen May MBA '83 and Derek Penn '79, MBA '84 for their longstanding commitment, leadership, and exemplary service to The Fuqua School of Business. The May-Penn Award of Excellence is the highest honor Black and Latino MBA Organization alumni can bestow upon a peer.

This award will honor the alumnus/alumnae who actively participates in annual events, is accessible to students, and is connected to the broader community through his/her interaction with the faculty and administration. The recipient of this award should be recognized as a leader within the Fuqua community as well as in his or her profession. The individual recognized with the May-Penn Award of Excellence is an inspiration to those around him/her and a role model to those coming after him/her.

2014-15 Winner

Tonya RegistreTonya Registre MBA '09

Senior Marketing Manager, American Express

Tonya generously gives her time, talent, and treasure to the Fuqua community through her support of our diversity recruitment initiatives and providing service to Admissions, Career Services and Development and Alumni Relations. 

Her dedicated service to Fuqua includes:

  • Serving as the Co-Chair of the Admissions Taskforce of the Minority Alumni Advisory Board.
  • Helping to develop and implement diversity recruiting initiatives like the "YES Program," which is focused on connecting each admitted underrepresented minority student with an alumni ambassador.  
  • Assisting Admissions with recruiting top MBA talent in the DC area by serving as a panelist during information sessions and hosting coffee chat sessions with prospective and admitted students in the area.
  • Helping current students and often providing career advice to those students interested in marketing. 
  • Providing guidance for the alumni component of the Duke MBA Workshop for Minority Applicants each year, and being the driving force behind bringing back the alumni t-shirts this year! 
  • Serving as Co-Chair of The Duke MBA Workshop as a Fuqua student and being instrumental in improving the prospective student programming for the Workshop.
 2013 Mark Williams '92, MBA '96
 2012 Eva De La Rosa MBA '05
 2011 Tyrone Thomas MBA '04
 2010 Theresa Jones MBA '98
 2009 Ken Burton MBA '98
 2008 Ed Magee MBA '04
 2007 Kelvin Baggett MBA '06
 2006 Owen May MBA '83
Derek Penn '79, MBA '84