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Addressing the Leadership Crisis
Integrity and Values Matter

Recent surveys of audiences across the world reveal that for several years, people have increasingly become distrustful of leaders - and their institutions. How can leaders re-gain trust?

Walter Robb, Co-CEO of Whole Foods, believes that great leaders must have integrity and values so that others are willing to follow. He shared these thoughts with students as part of the Distinguished Speaker Series and here with Fuqua in a separate video Q and A. READ MORE

Walter Robb

 Intellectual Capital At Fuqua

Christine Moorman

The CMO Survey: Social Media Spending to Skyrocket

Social media spending as a percentage of marketing budgets will more than double in five years, according to the 400+ US chief marketing officers who took part in The CMO Survey. However, memo to marketers: much more needs to be done so that social media is integrated into the organization's strategy. WATCH VIDEO | READ MORE


Brainstorming 2.0
You are facing a big decision. Maybe you need to decide how to cut costs in your company. Or you need to develop a better marketing strategy. In such circumstances, many of us would organize a brainstorming session with people we trust - throwing around ideas. Professor Ralph Keeney describes a better method for finding a great solution to a problem. READ MORE

Aaron Kay

The Dangers of Positive Stereotypes
We all know about the dangers of negative stereotyping. But what about positive stereotyping? Is it really bad to assume that women are more in touch with their emotions or that immigrants work harder than the majority population? Research led by Professor Aaron Kay reveals that positive stereotypes may actually be worse. READ MORE

Dan Ariely

The Pain of Paying: The Psychology of Money

Ever stop to think about how you feel when you buy something? Does it "hurt" more when you use your credit card as opposed to cash? How do your customers feel when they spend money? Professor Dan Ariely explores such questions in the latest installment of the Fuqua Faculty Conversations. WATCH RECORDED WEBINAR


Meiqing Fan

The Imposter Syndrome

Meiqing Fan, a student in Fuqua's Daytime MBA program, explains how a recent women's leadership workshop made her realize cross-cultural similarities among women and improved her self-awareness.

Daria Zarubina

The Value of Embedding and Connecting in Different Parts of the World

Successful global business leaders need to know what is happening around the world. They need to understand cultural differences, governmental regulations and the way organizations operate in different regions. Fuqua's regional directors in China, Russia and United Kingdom explain in more detail.

@DukeFuqua Survey

The Upside of Irrationality

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