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MAY / JUNE 2013

Million Dollar Voice
Why Darth Vader Could Make More as a CEO than Mickey Mouse

How deep is your voice? New research from Professors Bill Mayew and Mohan Venkatachalam shows male CEOs with deeper voices tend to manage larger companies, make more money and be retained longer. Mayew and Venkatachalam analyzed the voices of almost 800 CEOs to determine the results. READ MORE


 Intellectual Capital At Fuqua



Deputy Prime Minister of Zimbabwe is Tired of Freebies
"We are sick and tired of charity. Don't come to us with handouts," Zimbabwe Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara said at Fuqua's Business in Africa Conference. Instead, Mutambara wants entrepreneurs to help solve Africa's problems.

Chad Dickerson

From English Major to CEO
How does an English major at Duke wind up as CEO of the popular e-commerce site Etsy? Chad Dickerson spoke to students about his non-traditional career path as part of Fuqua's Distinguished Speaker Series and outlined some of the tenets of authentic leadership.
Dan Ariely

Dean Bill Boulding and Professor Rick Staelin on Patient Satisfaction and Health Care Outcomes

Ever take one of those surveys asking about your experience at a doctor's appointment or after a medical procedure? Some in the medical community don't believe the results of patient surveys should matter. Bill Boulding and Rick Staelin look into the reasons why some discount patient opinions and what patient measures say about the quality of health care. WATCH RECORDED WEBINAR


Roman Centurions and the Price of Gold Today
In June of 2012, Professor Campbell Harvey released an academic study based on a comprehensive historical analysis that claimed that the fair price of gold was $800. This price seemed unfathomable a year ago. Now, it is a different story. READ BLOG POST

Aaron Kay

New Study Explores Racial Slurs in the Workplace
Professor Ashleigh Rosette's research reveals that racial slurs remain a problem in the workplace. She says that efforts to eliminate them should focus not only on those making the slurs but on individuals who observe them and remain silent -- especially white men.


Nichole Hawkins

Renewed Passion

Nicole Hawkins, a student in Fuqua's Daytime MBA program, explains in a blog for the Financial Times how visiting a favela (slum) in Brazil renewed her passion for international economic development. Hawkins was in Brazil as part of Fuqua's Global Academic Travel Experience (GATE).
READ BLOG POST (free registration required to read)

Daria Zarubina

Wastewater Sewer Solutions

Wastewater Sewer Solutions is trying to solve some of the world's smelliest problems. The company keeps sewer lines clean without toxic and corrosive chemicals. Wastewater was started by three alumni from Fuqua's Weekend Executive MBA program. Recently, the group won the alumni prize at the Duke Start-Up Challenge.

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C200 Reachout Women's Conference at Fuqua

@rboenigk: RT @kirforce: When you really fail, you learn so much. -Rebecca Boenigk of Neutral Posture #DukeMBAC200

@DYanique: #DukeMBAC200 conference somewhat summarized RT @dealbook: Why So Few Women Reach the Executive Rank flip.it/7YP1d #women

@TicknerSafety:: @mysafework @DuPont_News #DukeMBAC200 Science IS the key to solving most problems. It is the tapestry of wisdom that unfolds when challenged

@MonicaVanB: RT @FuquaDiana: @DYanique congrats on great #dukembac200 conference today and scholarship!!!

@dikolli: For the 1st time ever today I was the only man in a room with 50 women. Later learned that panel sessions were for women only. #DukeMBAC200

@DawnArthur: "Change is not what happens to you but what you create to make things happen." Ellen Kullman, CEO DuPont #DukeMBAC200

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