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The Future of Healthcare, Wireless and Consumer Healthcare

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RelayHealth Case Study:
Improving Patient Communication with Online Care Management

Mark Charman, M.D., of Affinity Healthcare has the distinctive honor of being one of RelayHealth’s very first users of physician-patient online communication. Since 2000, approximately 785 patients have enrolled to interact with Dr. Charman electronically.

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James Glasheen Previews New Wireless Technology


We have a candid discussion with James Glasheen, a General Partner at Technology Partners, who considers how to change the regulatory framework to fuel new technology investment.

"I believe that wireless medical technologies represent a real key for addressing many of the issues in health intervention."

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Consumer Interest in Health Applications


More than half of U.S. adults are interested in one or more health-related applications. Thirty percent would be interested in electronic reminders to take a prescription (Lake Research Partners).

Dr. Richard Migliori Engages the Day-to-Day Consumer

Dr. Richard Migliori, the Chief Medical Officer for Optum Health, previews the eSync decision support platform and how healthcare technology is changing the day-to-day lives of consumers.

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Doctors Look to Smartphones to Track Patient Data

PC World - Smartphones, tablet PCs, and other wireless devices are poised to play a greater role in healthcare as doctors and patients embrace the mobile Internet.

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Jeff Miller Explores the Impact of Cutting Edge Technology on Ongoing Disease Management

We explore the impact of cutting edge technology on ongoing disease monitoring with Jeffrey Miller, the Vice President and Healthcare Lead at Capgemini U.S. LLC.

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Editor's Note

"It is exciting to be part of change, and truly a privilege to be with people that make change happen.

"The second Annual Duke Medical Innovations and Strategies Conference 2010 will be a meeting of change agents focused on the democratization of healthcare. The Duke environment is a special one, allowing a truly objective and non-partisan platform for lively and honest discussion."

Gopal K. Chopra, MD, MBA, FRACS
Adjunct Associate Professor
Fuqua School of Business
Health Sector Management Program

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Industry Fast Fact

Only 4 percent of individuals already using medical devices (like pulse oximeters or blood glucose meters) actually transfer the data to their mobile phones.

August 4th, 2010

Upcoming Conference

Be On the Cutting Edge of the Healthcare and Technology Revolution:

The Duke Health Sector Management Program is on the cutting edge of new wireless in healthcare technology.

Its upcoming conference on consumer healthcare and wireless technologies is bringing together the best minds in business, education, and information systems to discuss one of the most pressing concerns in public policy.

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Second Annual Medical Innovation and Strategies Conference: Consumer Health Care & Wireless Technologies

Conference Testimonial

"An outstanding conference offering insights into technology and the healthcare consumer.

"Most of the participants 'got it' that we still do not know enough about consumers vis-a-vis this topic."

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