EVENT: September 15th: The Future of Healthcare, Wireless and Consumer Healthcare with Duke Health Sector Management.
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Empowered Consumers: The New Dawn of Healthcare
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By Gopal Chopra, MD, FRACS, MBA

The crippled, troubled, confused, multifaceted, burdensome - the list of negative and problematic descriptors goes on - healthcare system should be given a "Do Not Resuscitate" status.

I ask a very simple, but not straightforward, question: Why fix the healthcare system?

The Democracy of Healthcare

Is there a prescription for the healthcare system? Yes: Accelerate the current system's demise.

We need solutions companies, not efficient provider systems. By re-creating the dynamic of a true marketplace, we will force change. The democracy of our health begins with the democratization of access: access to data about one's options, choices, and opinions from expert communities.

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Speaker Mohit Kaushal, MD, Offers His Perspective on Wireless Healthcare and the FCC


We sit down with Mohit (Mo) Kaushal, MD, the Director of Connected Health at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Mo provides fascinating insight into the future of wireless technology in health management and the FCC's first healthcare team.

"I'll be really looking forward to updating the participants on the work we've doing here at the FCC.

I built the first healthcare team here with the general arena of this convergence of healthcare and connectivity. So, updating the participants on activities, where we've been focusing and really how we're driving forward in this space, I think, would be most interesting to the participants."

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The Dr Will Text You Now: Patients Visit With Their Physicians Online as More Insurers Begin Paying for Digital Diagnoses

The Wall Street Journal

Jane Rust woke up early one day last year and discovered that her left eye was red, swollen and itchy. So she logged on to her family doctor's Web site and typed a message describing her symptoms and asking what to do.

By mid-morning, the 61-year-old homemaker received an online response from her doctor with a diagnosis "conjunctivitis, or pink eye, probably contracted from a child in her Sunday-school class" and a prescription to pick up at the pharmacy. "I didn't have to disrupt my day," says Ms. Rust, who lives in Readyville, Tenn. "It's much more efficient."

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Consumer Familiarity With Health IT Technologies


A recent national survey by Lake Research Partners looked at consumers' familiarity with Health IT technologies.

Roughly one in five people has heard "a lot" about electronic medical records, but fewer than one in ten has heard "a lot" about other technologies.

Donna Scott Shares the Patient Perspective

We engage in a spirited conversation with Donna Scott, the Executive Director of Marketing Strategy at RelayHealth, one of the event's speakers and a leading voice in patient advocacy.

"First and foremost, wireless is something of great concern to the universe at large.

What does it mean to our patients, to our physicians, to staffs that wireless now permeates our industry, and how can we then harness the energy of wireless technology and bring forth some innovations to help us to improve the healthcare industry here in the United States, I think, is the critical question?"

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Editor's Note

"I am pleased to welcome you to the Second Annual Duke Medical Innovations and Strategies Conference 2010.

I can't think of a more opportune time for this conference as we face the tremendous challenges of cost and quality in health care. We hope to use this conference to bring solutions to these long-standing concerns-how will applications of this new technology better the care for patients in the US and globally.

We hope you'll share in the excitement and join us at this visionary event."


Kevin A. Schulman, MD, MBA

Director, Fuqua Health Sector Management Program

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Upcoming Conference

Be On The Cutting Edge of the Healthcare and Technology Revolution:

The Duke Health Management Sector School is on the cutting edge of new wireless in healthcare technology.

Its upcoming conference on consumer healthcare and wireless technologies is bringing together the best minds in business, education and information systems to discuss one of the most pressing concerns in public policy.

September 15, 2010:
Second Annual Medical Innovation and Strategies Conference: Consumer Healthcare & Wireless Technologies

Fast Fact

2% of US Consumers have used a health-related application on their cell phone.

Lake Research Partners National Health IT Consumer Survey

Conference Testimonial

"The conference was exceptional from both content and organization perspectives. The speakers were apt, and very well chosen. We are looking forward to the conference next year."

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