Case Study Writing Competition


The Fuqua/Coach K Center on Leadership & Ethics (COLE) plans to organize a case writing competition on leadership topics. The competition will award excellence in developing new materials that will improve the teaching of leadership. 2008 Call for Cases coming soon.

Awards will be granted in two categories that will be evaluated separately.

Category 1: Cases and associated Teaching Notes.
These are detailed accounts of a specific individual or organization that provides a rich perspective on a set of problems or issues. Cases accompanied by a Case Teaching Note will be given preference. Video or other multi-media material will also be viewed positively.

Category 2: Topic Notes and Exercises.
Topic Notes are to organize and explain important topics relevant to leadership that may be read by students in their coursework. Exercises are an activity such as role plays or team-based interactions that are designed to illustrate a basic teaching point about leadership. Exercises should also be accompanied by a teaching note.