Published and Working Papers


A principal activity of COLE is encouraging and supporting the exploration of leadership issues and ethical behavior. Our cadre of Center Scholars continue to help advance COLE's research-related agenda for leadership and ethics. More faculty and research work groups have started to develop. In terms of outcomes, the following research papers have evolved.


Select Recent and Forthcoming Publications

Rosette, A. S. & Livingston, R. (2012). "Failure is not an option for Black women: Effects of organizational performance on leaders with single versus dual-subordinate identities. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 48(5), 1162-1167.

Livingston, R., Rosette, A. S. & Washington, E. (2012). "Can an agentic Black woman get ahead? The impack of race and interpersonal dominance on perceptions of femal leaders. Psychological Science, 23, 4, 354-358.

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LeBoeuf, J. (2009). Contributing author and editor, The Platoon Leader's Tour. Center for Compnay Level Leadership, the United States Military Academy. Book is a series of leadership stories from combat service in Iraq that provides a leadership guide for Army junior leaders in preparing for the challenges of leading in combat.

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Wade-Benzoni, K.A. (Forthcoming). "Intergenerational Dilemmas". In K.D. Moore and M.P. Nelson (Eds.), For All Time: Our Obligation to the Future.


Select Research Work in Progress

Emery, J. & Sitkin, S. "The causes and effects of loyalty in leader-follower relationships: An exploratory study"

Lebeouf, J.N.G., & Burks, W. (Working paper). "Leader Development and Professionalism in Pediatrics". Journal of Pediatrics.

LeBoeuf, J. "Leader Development and the “Stuff That Matters” – Building a Lasting Legacy"

LeBoeuf, J., and Golby, J. "Character and Moral Development: An Intersection of Theory, Education and Reflective Practice."

LeBoeuf, M., and LeBoeuf, J. "Building a Leader Philosophy: The Foundation of Effective Leadership"

Long, C., Sitkin, S., & Cardinal, L. "The effect of conflict on managerial action to build control, trust and fairness in organizations"

Rosette, A.S., Tost, L., Hernandez, M., & Sitkin, S. "Competitive rivalries above the glass ceiling: An impetus for negative biases among women top leaders"

Rosette, A.S., Tost, L. & Phillips, K.W. "Activation of a leadership subtype: Favorable evaluations of women in top management positions"

Sitkin, S., Emery, J., & Carton, A. "Taking it to the next level: The effect of competence and fairness on inspirational leadership and goal-raising"

Sitkin, S., Hernandez, M., & Long, C. "Differentiating leadership effects on trust"

Sitkin, S., Lind, E. A., Hernandez, M. & Long, C.P. "Trust and control: The role of leader and follower perceptions"

Sitkin, S., Lind, A., & Long, C. "Leadership"

Sitkin, S., Miller, C, See, K., & Lawless, M. The role of stretch goals in organizational learning and performance"

Stahl, G., & Sitkin, S. "Trust in mergers and acquisitions"

Wade-Benzoni, K.A., Hernandez, M., & Tost, L.P. "Intergenerational behavior, leadership, and justice"


Select Research Presentations

LeBoeuf, J. (2010). Identity: The Leaders Secret Weapon. Presentation at the National Character and Leadership Symposium (NCLS), at the United States Airforce Academy, February, 2010, Colorado Springs, CO.

LeBoeuf, J. (2010) Identity: The Core of Effective Leadership Development. Panel discussion. National Character and Leadership Symposium (NCLS), at the United States Air Force Academy, February, 2010, Colorado Springs, CO.

LeBoeuf, J. (2010). Who Are You? Identity Development as the Core of Effective Leadership. Keynote speech at the National Conference on Leadership, February, 2010, St. Bonaventure, NY.

Sitkin, S. (2010). Keynote Speaker, Distrust in the balance: Evolution and resolution of inter-group distrust, Fifth Workshop on Trust Within and Between Organizations, European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management, January, 2010, Madrid.

Sitkin, S. (2010). Differentiating leadership effects on trust (with Chris Long and Morela Hernandez), Fifth Workshop on Trust Within and Between Organizations, European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management, January, 2010, Madrid.

Carton, D. & Rosette, A.S. (2009). Motivated stereotyping and the “Dumb Black jock” effect: The paradox of leadership and race in college football. New Directions in Leadership Conference; Center on Leadership and Ethics, Durham, NC.

Lebel, R., Mueller, J. & Rosette, A.S. (2009). For whom is it lonely at the top? Gender stereotypes and social costs for asking for help. 69th Annual Academy of Management meeting. Chicago, IL.

Sitkin, S. (2009). Panelist, Researching leadership development – What is to be done? Conference on Developing leaders: Challenges to concepts, practices and research, December, 2009, INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France.