The Dorothea F. Peterjohn Leadership Library


The vision of the COLE Dorothea F. Peterjohn Leadership Library is to serve as a leading resource of leadership and ethics for academics, practitioners and students. The library is the repository of materials such as books, videos, working papers, and course syllabi. COLE also seeks out new materials from respected authors, scholars and business leaders worldwide as they are available to provide the most relevant and practical information for use in research and practice. Leadership and ethics books and articles are available for circulation at the Fuqua School of Business Ford Library.

The Dorothea F. Peterjohn Leadership Library was created in May of 2005 with a generous donation in honor of Dorothea F. Peterjohn.

Library Content:


The COLE Dorothea F. Peterjohn Leadership Library houses various books on Leadership and Ethics that students, scholars, and business practitioners will find pertinent to their leadership development. These 600+ books, articles and papers include books written and co-authored by Duke faculty.

Periodically, COLE Center Scholars, Leadership Fellows and Management staff suggest books they have determined to be of best use to other scholars, practitioners, and students.

Published and Working Papers

The COLE Dorothea F. Peterjohn Leadership Library features a comprehensive collection of research papers by COLE Center Scholars, Fuqua Professors and academics in the international community. This sharing of knowledge among top researchers and practitioners in their respective fields will facilitate the advancement of leadership and ethics globally.

Videos - Fuqua/Coach K Leadership Conference

The COLE Dorothea F. Peterjohn Leadership Library features archived highlights from past Fuqua/Coach K Leadership Conferences. This includes video clips of conference sessions featuring prominent and thoughtful leaders in business, education, sports, and the non-profit sector.

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