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The Duke CIBER Advisory Council is composed of 15 high-level officials and executives, who represent state government, academic, non-profit, and private sectors with varying knowledge of the global economy and the international arena.

The Advisory Council provides guidance to the Duke CIBER, annually reviews program activities, and ensures that the Center will meet the objectives set in the U.S. Department of Education Title VI statutes. The Advisory Council also facilitates the overall mission of the CIBER; bridges gaps between the academic, public, private, and non-profit constituencies of the CIBER; and contributes to the internationalization of the Duke Fuqua School students, faculty, programs, and communities.


  • Edna Andrews, Duke University
  • Jim Anton, Duke University
  • Iouri Bairatchnyi, World Bank, USA
  • Jean C. Davis, NC Department of Commerce
  • Pamela Davison, NC Foreign Trade Zones
  • John D. Englar, Duke University
  • Robert Geolas, Research Triangle Foundation of NC
  • John Healy, Kelly Services
  • Wendy Kuran, Duke University
  • Hilmi A. Lahoud, North Carolina Community College
  • Shirreef Loza, US Commerical Service
  • Gilbert W. Merkx, Duke University
  • Deborah Reisinger, Duke University
  • Heerad Sabeti, transForms, FB
  • Greg Sizemore, US Department of Commerce