Mission, Goals, and Outcomes

Center for International Business Education and Research

Duke University's
Fuqua School of Business
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Durham, NC 27708-0120 USA

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Email: ciber@fuqua.duke.edu

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Our mission is to help advance international business research and education and to increase the global competitiveness of the business community.


  • Lead cutting-edge research on international business issues
  • Develop programs and methods to promote global education and awareness
  • Engage in outreach activities within the business and education communities to promote global competitiveness
  • Serve as a model and national resource for business schools, businesses, and the community on a national level


  • An open-source community for sharing knowledge and practices
  • Opportunities for faculty and doctoral development in the field of international business
  • Research about new and emerging offshoring trends that enable corporations to investigate transformational strategies
  • A framework for companies to benchmark their offshoring practices
  • New, validated cross-cultural communication assessment instruments and research methodologies available for public use
  • Case studies from research projects 
  • Partnerships with leading universities, businesses, and NGOs 
  • The development of new courses in various international business and language topics
  • Incorporation of languages as a part of the Fuqua curriculum
  • Interdisciplinary and collaborative programs that explore international issues
  • Executive training programs for the business community 
  • Resources for historically black colleges and universities to use in the internationalization of their curriculum
  • A national resource for K-12 programs 
  • Promotion of American competitiveness through research, programs, and outreach activities
  • Dissemination of research findings to the public