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Duke CIBER is involved with an array of multi-disciplinary programs. We design and select programs that have goals and outcomes that tie directly to the overall missions of the university and of CIBER. We organize our own academic programs, workshops, conferences; support programs organized elsewhere that meet the Center's strategic goals; and collaborate with peer institutions to leverage limited resources with accountability and transparency. To maximize cost-effectiveness, we partner with academic institutions throughout the United States, Asia, Europe, and Australia within university departments and the business community. Our programs benefit faculty, students, and visiting scholars at academic institutions, including historically black colleges and universities, as well as K-12 constituents and businesses. Below are descriptions of some of our major programs.

Our mission is to help advance international business research, international business education, and increase the global competitiveness of the business community.

Our goals are to:

  • Lead cutting-edge research on international business issues
  • Develop programs and methods to promote global education and awareness
  • Engage in outreach activities within the business and education communities to promote global competitiveness
  • Serve as a model and national resource for business schools, businesses, and the community nationally