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This experience will change your thoughts about a culture you thought you knew. After traveling to Mexico, my perspective has changed about their lifestyle and about the people in general. I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in learning about business, Spanish or just an awesome experience.

Matthew Lee, Participant

Duke CIBER leads the CIBER K-12 Consortium, with the support of other CIBER schools. The Consortium serves as a national clearinghouse of educational materials related to international business and geared to the K-12 classroom. Consortium members contribute to curricular reform in second language instruction by bridging the second-language and global-awareness gap.

The goal is to integrate business, culture, and language education at the K-12 level; share resources, best practices, teaching materials, and professional development programs designed for K-12 educators; and identify and collaborate on future initiatives undertaken individually or collectively. These K-12 resources are housed at the CIBERweb.