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Each year, we accept a handful of international scholars to visit The Fuqua School of Business. During their one-year stay, these scholars are fully integrated into the academic community. Visiting scholars conduct research in their field of study, as well as attend meetings, workshops, seminars, and conferences in their disciplines. This initiative further promotes the internationalization of Fuqua and Duke University. It also provides the opportunity for international scholars, students, and faculty to interact and to learn from one another. Additionally, this outreach outlet serves to increase our collaboration with international institutions and paves the way for networking and future partnerships.

Currently, we have two visiting scholars:

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Visiting Scholar Eliza Visiting Scholar Songyue

"My experience at the Duke University CIBER in a single sentence is: It is a wonderful and incredibly stimulating place where ideas, thoughts, and concepts explode every day! The visit gave me a wide knowledge in international business in general, and offshoring of innovation in particular. I learned more than expected."


- Eliza Chilimoniuk-Przezdziecka, Assistant Professor at the Institute of International Economics at the Warsaw School of Economics

"I really appreciate the opportunity to visit the Fuqua School CIBER as a doctoral student for a year. During the past few months, I have benefited a lot from attending the weekly strategy seminars and interacting with professors, post-docs, and visiting scholars from the Center. Most importantly, I have acquired new research skills and gained more confidence in thinking critically and analytically. I am also grateful for the amazing colleagues in CIBER and the abundant resources and pleasant work environment provided by Duke, which have made my visiting life a memorable and exciting experience."

- Songyue Zheng, Ph.D. Candidate from Xi'an Jiaotong University