Previous Scholars

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"As a visiting researcher at CIBER Fuqua, I have conducted my doctoral research and participated in the Offshoring Research Network.  At Fuqua I have benefited from many interactions and collaborations with professors, post-doc and PhD students from the research center. For those engaged in the comprehension of globalization, Duke is definitely an exciting and stimulating place to better understand this phenomenon at the firm-level. My experience has been far beyond my expectations.

In addition, Fuqua not only offers great research conditions but also offers a very pleasant work environment, which can be attributed to everybody's friendliness."

-Julien Gooris, Visiting Scholar from France

"My visiting period with CIBER has been without a doubt one of the best experiences of my academic career. While working in Fuqua, I've received intense, constructive, and on-the-spot feedback, which has been tremendously helpful for me, and found a clear connection with the community of scholars that I want to belong to. This, in conjunction with the great human quality I have found throughout Duke, has not only boosted the quality of my research but also created strong bonds that I expect to maintain for years to come!"

-Carlos A. Rodriguez, Ph.D. Candidate at McGill University