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2010 Fuqua/Coach K Leadership Conference
Conference Theme
Leading in a Distributed and Transparent World: Lessons from the Front Lines of Change

The world is shifting rapidly.  Boundaries are blurred.  Companies and their senior management are called to greater accountability and are often measured in the public eye by the impact of their actions on society.  Information is proliferating and technology is evolving at a speed that makes it impossible for any single person or organization to fully make sense of the data.  As a result, there is a major growing gap between the current realities and traditional world-view of leadership.  

This conference will help participants understand how leadership must fill the breach to make sense of a world that is increasingly:

  • Interconnected without losing a sense of identity and mission
  • Complex without becoming overwhelmed by the nuances
  • Distributed without losing coordination
  • Decentralized without losing vision
  • Transparent without becoming overly cautious about making mistakes
  • Rapidly evolving without losing a sense of stability and focus

A hallmark of the Coach K Leadership Conference is stimulating our participants to broaden the scope of their thinking and draw insights on leadership and organizational effectiveness from across different industries, nonprofit sectors, and sports.   Through the conference, participants will be able to apply lessons learned from leaders on the front lines of change in these fields to help their organizations:

  • Understand the interconnection between narrow local problems and previously unrelated issues
  • Define problems collaboratively rather than through isolated analysis
  • Sift through and prioritize in the face of an overwhelming amount of data
  • Work with other leaders across organizations and stakeholder groups to capitalize on opportunities and solve pressing issues 
2010 Conference Program


The format of this interactive conference includes keynote and plenary sessions featuring over 15 leaders across various industries including finance, sports, entertainment, government, and technology. All sessions are moderated by Duke faculty and scholars, and are designed to allow participants to easily learn and interact with the speakers and from one another. A welcome reception will be held on Monday, October 25, 2010.

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