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Did you know?

Our faculty was ranked No. 1 for intellectual capital by Bloomberg Businessweek from 2008 - 2012.

The qualities it takes to lead can't be found in the pages of a textbook. The strategy to lead can't be learned without a solid understanding of today's evolving business principles.

That's why The Duke MBA—Daytime is a full-time MBA degree program that combines rigorous academic training with applied learning experiences in a globally-focused environment. This integrated approach to your development as a professional and leader provides you with both analytical skills and theoretical grounding—aptitudes that will produce rewards over the life of your 

Creating Leaders of Consequence

Your academic experience at Fuqua includes leadership development components that stretch and build your abilities. These experiences will inspire you to do more and to be more. Read about one student's leadership experience with Professor Joe LeBoeuf.

Here's what a professor and an alumna have to say about the academic environment at Fuqua:

Michael Bradley"With business changing as rapidly as it is, you must have a well-founded theoretical basis from which to meet new challenges. We prepare you to know what questions to ask. We can't hope to give you all the answers. What we can give you is a framework for analysis that will be of great value for a lifetime."Michael Bradley, F.M. Kirby Professor of Investment Banking

Mary Minnick"There is no substitute for experience in business, but at Duke, I got a very good head start. The Duke MBA is much more than a credential; it's also an approach, a process, a way to channel intellectual curiosity into results. And, in a business environment characterized by constant, endless change, that's an enormous advantage. In my career—and on 5 continentsThe Duke MBA has made a world of difference." — Mary Minnick, '83, Partner at Lion Capital LLP

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