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Academic Excellence in Finance Certificate

Do you want to pursue or enhance a career in finance?

The Certificate of Academic Excellence in Finance distinguishes Duke MBA–Daytime students who focus in the discipline and attain excellent grades in finance courses.

Finance Curriculum

  • 2 required courses
  • 10 finance-related electives

Required Finance Courses

Corporate Finance: Examine issues in corporate finance from the perspective of financial managers. Develop problem-solving skills based on an understanding of the business environment. The concept of net present value, suitably adapted to account for taxes, uncertainty, and strategic concerns, is used to analyze how investment and financing decisions interact to affect the value of the firm. Emphasis is placed on the interaction between taxes and the cost of capital and capital structure. The course also includes a treatment of payout policy and the CAPM as they relate to the value-maximization objective of the firm.

Investment: This class provides a rigorous treatment of the fundamental principles of investments, investment management, and asset pricing. Topics include asset allocation, asset pricing models (including the capital asset pricing model (CAPM), factor models, and consumption based asset pricing), international diversification, active portfolio management, performance evaluation, the interaction between capital markets and the macro economy, as well as alternative investments such as hedge funds and private equity. The course should be valuable from the perspective of the individual investor, the corporate financial manager, and the investment manager.

Finance Electives

A variety of electives are available, and may differ from year-to-year. 

GPA Requirement

You must achieve a grade-point average of 3.75 or better in these 12 courses to earn the certificate.