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Career Engagement Opportunities

Not all leadership- and career-building experiences are academic. In addition to all the general extracurricular activities offered, career-specific engagement activities like career fellowships, job search teams, and clubs give you opportunities to explore your talents, build valuable contacts, and contribute to the community. They are great ways to enrich your experience here at Fuqua while furthering your career objectives.

MBA job-search opportunities include:

  • This diverse group of second-year students coaches first-year students through the internship process. As a result, these fellows bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience they are eager to share. Their coaching approach is tailored to first-year students' individual needs and focuses on aligning job search requests with an overall career development plan, as well as emphasizing both on-campus and off-campus search strategies.

    Opening One Last Door

    John Conover, a Fuqua Career Fellow, gives prospective students a glimpse into the metamorphosis of his career selection.

    Read about it.


  • Career Management Center staff members facilitate small groups of students who meet on a regular basis to navigate the job search process. The weekly meetings provide valuable check-ins and are an opportunity for students to share helpful advice, support, and resources with each other.

  • How to Earn an Internship at Facebook

    Through the High-Tech Club and fellow alums, first year Dipesh Shah landed a summer internship at the fabled company, Facebook.  At the start, his goal was to intern in high-tech, so through his Fuqua resources, he was able to land this coveted position. Read more of his story.

    Clubbing it—Fuqua offers more than 50 student clubs and some are career-focused, including:

    • Consulting Club
    • Energy Club
    • Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club
    • Finance Club
    • General Management Club
    • Health Care Club
    • High-Tech Club
    • Marketing Club
    • Net Impact Club
    • Real Estate Club

    Diversity clubs, such as those listed below, also support career activities as they may relate to the club's membership and goals.

    • Asian Business Club
    • The Association of Women in Business
    • The Black and Latino MBA Organization
    • Duke Armed Forces Association
    • European Business Club
    • FuquaPride
    • INDUS

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