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Fuqua Network

"When I started my company, I tapped into the Fuqua network constantly for advice. What was most rewarding was people's willingness to go out of their way to help a fellow Fuquan however they could." — David Alexander '95

True leaders understand the importance and power of having a community. The moment you join the Daytime MBA program, you become part of a rich, culturally-diverse class where you'll have immediate access to Fuqua's alumni network of 19,000. But, your network extends even beyond that; a friend of Fuqua is a friend of yours, and we have some pretty impressive friends—individuals and companies committed to helping Duke (and you) succeed. Our faculty, research center staff, and board members are extremely supportive and often help connect students to potential employers.

Your Network Includes:

  • Our Daytime MBA program boasts a diverse MBA student body with a broad range of professional and life experiences. An important part of your education comes from the interactions you have with your classmates, both inside and outside of the classroom.

  • The Fuqua experience does not end upon graduation. The personal and professional relationships you form at Fuqua last a lifetime.

    Our alumni network is among the most helpful and responsive of any business school. Their loyalty and passion for Fuqua is impressive. They have helped students prepare for interviews, held mock cases, and sponsored student club events. Alumni routinely speak with students about their professional experiences and provide insight on companies and industries. Many often return to Fuqua to recruit students.

    Alumni Network

    "The Fuqua network is incredible. During the entire recruiting process, the Fuqua network provided great support in sharing their experiences, acting as advocates for current students and preparing us for interviews. Additionally, our alumni network spans industries and functions - which is critical for our diverse student population."  — Katherine Wallis '13

  • Duke has more than 130,000 alumni all over the world who range in age from 20 to 103. Upon graduation, you will automatically become a member of the Duke Alumni Association (DAA) and will have access to all the benefits, programs, and services provided by DAA.

  • Fuqua has many corporate friends, companies that define their industries. Our relationships with these partners provide the school with insights into the needs of business and how Fuqua can continue providing the kinds of graduates needed in business today.

    Companies engage with us on many levels by:

    • Recruiting our graduates
    • Collaborating on faculty research 
    • Supporting institutional programs and capital projects

    "Duke Fuqua students have proven to be world class leaders especially in the areas of strategy,  finance and management.  Their leadership skills are really outstanding.  They have the technical skills, business skills and also the soft skills that are needed in a global economy to help a business grow." — Patrick Skelly, IBM Corporation National University Recruiting Program Manager

  • Fuqua is advised by a Board of Visitors that assists the school on matters related to curriculum, programs, facilities, and operations while promoting better communication and relationships in the business community. The team of nearly 70 board members directly impacts the success of the school—and in turn, your success—by serving on active subcommittees and by facilitating relationships with key business and government entities around the world.

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