Duke - The Fuqua School of Business


The joint JD/MBA degree at Duke is both challenging and rewarding. You attend two rigorous programs with impressive and motivated students, cultivate a strong network across programs, and build a deep understanding of both law and business and the intersections between them.

  • Career Advancement

    "I can't imagine my career progression without the Duke JD/MBA. Having the ability to dive deep into both a world-class legal education at Duke Law and the Fuqua MBA has prepared me for my future career in corporate law. My education here has taught me the invaluable lesson of how to approach complex issues from both a business and a legal perspective." — Jennifer Ying Lan, JD/MBA '13

    JD/MBA students typically start at the Law School and choose between several sequences.

    Sequence One: This sequence has advantages for summer internship preparation and recruiting cycles as well as giving you the ability to graduate with the same class you matriculated with at Fuqua.

    • Year 1: Law, followed by a law summer internship
    • Year 2: Law, followed by a law summer internship
    • Year 3: Fuqua, followed by either a business or law summer internship
    • Year 4: Blended

    Sequence Two: This sequence gives you the opportunity to complete two, rather than one, business internships. It is typically taken by students who intent to pursue a business-focused job upon completing the program. You won't graduate with either the business or law class with which you matriculated. This can be an advantage for building a broader network or a challenge because it may be harder to build deep social roots with classmates.

    • Year 1: Law, followed by a law summer internship
    • Year 2: Fuqua, followed by a business or law internship
    • Year 3: Blended, followed by either a law or business internship
    • Year 4: Blend
  • Accelerated JD/MBA Option

    Typically, JD/MBA students complete both degrees in four years (eight semesters) of study. However, with careful course scheduling, some students are able to complete the program in three and a half years (seven semesters). There is no need to commit to the accelerated JD/MBA option—you can explore the possibility during your first year of study. But those who do decide to accelerate their degree will obviously get a head start into the job market.

    MBA Concentrations

    You will have the option to complete up to two MBA concentrations at Fuqua.

  • Fuqua courses are usually held on a Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday schedule, while the Law School's courses are usually held on a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday schedule. Students taking classes at both schools concurrently must pay close attention to course meeting times to prevent scheduling conflicts.

    It is also important to realize that Law and Fuqua are on different academic calendars, as well as different semester schedules. Fuqua semesters are divided into two "terms" each. When scheduling a semester-long Law School course, students need to look at both of Fuqua's terms so that there will not be a conflict.

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